ENGL 2700 Why Literature Matters

Photo of Classical Literature Books

Catalog Description

Why does literature matter? Cultivatation lifelong reading interests and strategies through critical engagement with literature from multiple cultures, periods, and genres (fiction, poetry, drama, nonfiction). GE C2 (wi)

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • analyze a text’s relationships to its cultural contexts
  • read intratextually and intertextually, making comparative connections within the texts themselves and with other literary works
  • analyze form, expression, and content to articulate and develop compelling claims about authors’ generic choices and stylistic uses of language
  • trace the development of their individual reading protocols and responses and respond subjectively as well as objectively to aesthetic experience of the assigned texts

Course Outline

Course content might be organized in a number of ways—by genre, theme, place, time period, literary movement, or literary technique. Listed below is one of many possible models:

Weeks 1-2 Literary non-fiction: Nafisi, Pollan
Weeks 3-6  Fiction: Baldwin, Mukherjee, Faulkner, O’Connor, Viramontes
Weeks 7-10  Drama: Sophocles, Shakespeare, Glaspell, Wilson
Weeks 11-15  Poetry: Donne, Wordsworth, Walcott, Mora, Dickinson, Brooks, Heaney