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Cal State LA Newsroom, May 2024 – Cal State LA English professor receives Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program award

  • Andrew Lyndon Knighton, professor of English at Cal State LA, has received a Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program award to teach in the Literature and Theater Department at the American University in Bulgaria.

Cal State LA Newsroom, May 2024 – Jorge Rivas-Raygoza Graduating Cal State LA student inspires youth through dance

  • "They made fun of me; they said boys don’t dance,” recalled Rivas-Raygoza, who first fell in love with dancing as a five-year-old participating in his Mexican hometown’s celebration of the Virgen de Guadalupe."

A&L Newsroom, April 2024 – Cal State LA's Department of TVFM Unveils Nation's First Academic Game Show Curriculum

  • "In a pioneering move, Cal State LA is set to unveil the nation's first-ever academic curriculum focused solely on the study and production of game shows. The announcement will take place during the university’s esteemed 25th anniversary celebration of the Golden Eagle Film Festival."

American Council for Learned Societies, April 2024 – California State University, Los Angeles Engaged English Requirement

  • How can a relatively small curricular intervention result in big cultural changes for a department?

A&L Newsroom, January 2024 – TVFM Student, Jaime Diaz, Nominated for The American Cinema Editors 74th Eddie Awards, the Anne V. Coates Award for Student Editing

  • "This nomination marks a significant milestone in Diaz's journey, as it is his first time competing for and being nominated for any kind of award. Regardless of the outcome, Diaz emphasizes, "Win or lose, what is most important to me is the experience and opportunity that I've gained working with industry materials." 

Cal State LA Newsroom, January 2024 – ‘Blood In Blood Out’ celebrates its 30th anniversary with screening and book release at Cal State LA

  • The Blood In Blood Out 30th anniversary book ties into so many things we do in my department and in the College of Arts and Letters: poetry, prison education, photography, art, and of course cinema,” said Kristiina Hackel, chair of Cal State LA’s Department of Television, Film and Media Studies in the College of Arts and Letters."

Los Angeles Daily News, January 2024 – ‘Blood In Blood Out’ 30th anniversary screening draws thousands to East LA, celebrating Chicano culture

  • "Over 2,000 flocked to a rainy 30th-anniversary screening and book release event last Saturday, Jan. 20, at Cal State L.A. As actors and showrunners shared memories of making the film, the event was a celebration of Los Angeles and Chicano representation."

LA Times, December 2023 – 30 years since its release, ‘Blood In Blood Out’ to be commemorated with new book, screening at Cal State L.A.

  • "For the first time in 30 years, Angeleno audiences will have the opportunity to watch “Blood In Blood Out” on the big screen."

A&L Newsroom, November 2023 – “Zen Psychosis: Anatomy of a Dream” by Osceola Refetoff, words by Shana Nys Dambrot

  • The Zen Psychosis: Anatomy of a Dream exhibition unveiled in the Ronald H. Silverman Fine Arts Gallery. Artist Osceola Refetoff’s photography, film, object sculpture, and literature based on the 2020 novel, Zen Psychosis with words by Shana Nys Dambro are on full display for Golden Eagles to enjoy. 

A&L Newsroom, October 2023Cal State LA's premiere event, EagleCon celebrates 10th Anniversary Convention

  • It’s clear to see that throughout EagleCon’s 10th Year Anniversary Convention, the intentional balance of excitement, career enrichment and scholarly insight was centered in each panel offering...

A&L Newsroom, September 2023 – WGSS Faculty and Students discuss the film Barbie.

  • Faculty and students in the Department of WGSS discuss “hot takes” on patriarchy, intersectionality, and share individual perspectives of feminism represented in the film “Barbie”. 

A&L Newsroom, September 2023 Kim Abeles' Artistry in Environmentalism and Human Experience on view at the Ronald H. Silverman Gallery at Cal State LA

  • Encompassing messages on environmentalism, social issues, and civic engagement, Kim Abele's work has spanned over decades. Her work has been showcased in the New York Times, The Getty Museum and now, The Ronald H. Silverman Fine Arts Gallery at Cal State LA.

A&L Newsroom, September 2023 – Championing Latinx Student Success: Cal State LA's Department of English Making Waves in Higher Education

  • Amid a wave of educational innovation, Cal State LA's Department of English emerges as a beacon for Latins student success, earning recognition from Excelencia in Education's 'Programs to Watch' initiative.

EdSource, August 2023 – "Earning bachelor’s degrees behind bars on the rise in California"

  • EdSource covers Cal State LA's Impact on empowering change from within. Highlighted is the Communication Studies BA program as part of the Prison Graduation Initiative at the Los Angeles County Prison in Lancaster.

A&L Newsroom, August 2023 – Cal State LA, College of Arts and Letters Journalists Shine at L.A. Press Club Awards

  • In a resounding testament to the prowess of its journalism program, the College of Arts and Letters at Cal State LA stands with pride as two of its exceptional student journalists and Associate Chair are awarded at the esteemed L.A. Press Club Awards.

Metro Art Los Angeles, August 2023 – Allegorical Portal to the City Within a City 

  • Assistant Professor of Art, Phung Huynh's current project. A public art commission for Metro station Century City/Constellation Station.

LA Weekly July, 2023 – Meet Deep Dive Artist C Fodreanu 

  • Step into the captivating realm of Deep Dive Artistry with C. Fodoreanu, a true maestro of creativity who's exhibition Ode to the Lake Sacalaia is on view at the ronald H. Silverman Gallery.

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