TVFM Student, Jaime Diaz, Nominated for The American Cinema Editors 74th Eddie Awards, the Anne V. Coates Award for Student Editing

January 30, 2024 By Iris Chu
Jaime Diaz
Jaime Diaz

In the dynamic world of Television, Film, and Media Studies at Cal State LA, one student stands out not only for his creative prowess but also for his resilience and commitment to professional development. Jaime Diaz, a nominee for the prestigious Anne V. Coates Award for Student Editing, is not just a testament to artistic talent but a shining example of perseverance and dedication to his craft.

Diaz embarked on his educational journey at Cal State LA in 2012 and took a pause in 2015 to seek an individual route to his passion. However, facing hardships and the absence of mentorship, Diaz's determination led him back to Cal State LA in 2023. 

His return to the university was motivated by a desire for a supportive community and an environment conducive to his professional growth. Diaz reflects on his decision, stating, "I wanted to come back to assure myself a long-lasting career and grounding experience, and I am grateful for the second chance to do so."

The turning point for Diaz came by way of his professor, Shoshanah Tanzer, who has worked professionally in the post production field since 2006 and is currently editing Season 2 of the Netflix series, The Sandman. Tanzer presented the opportunity to compete for the Anne V. Coates Award for Student Editing to her TVF 3030 Picture Editing class during the Fall 2023 semester. Encouraged by Professor Tanzer and bolstered by her feedback on his work, Diaz embraced the challenge. He recalls, "I felt confident to do so because of Professor Tanzer and her feedback on my work." 

Shoshanah Tanzer
Professor Shoshanah Tanzer

This nomination marks a significant milestone in Diaz's journey, as it is his first time competing for and being nominated for any kind of award. Regardless of the outcome, Diaz emphasizes, "Win or lose, what is most important to me is the experience and opportunity that I've gained working with industry materials."

Diaz envisions a future in post-production and is determined to continue his career in this field after graduating. His commitment to professional development aligns seamlessly with the pillars of the College of Arts & Letters at Cal State LA – fostering artistic growth, providing career opportunities, and promoting community engagement for students from all backgrounds.

The winner of the Anne V. Coates Award for Student Editing will be unveiled at The American Cinema Editors 74th Eddie Awards on March 3, 2024. As the date approaches, Diaz remains focused on the journey, grateful for the experiences and opportunities of his education and educators that have shaped him into a promising talent in the world of film editing. His story is not just about recognition; it's a testament to the transformative power of resilience, mentorship, and the unwavering pursuit of one's passion in the realm of arts and letters.