Cal State LA Arts and Letters Shines at UFVA Conference - Celebrating Diversity, Talent, and Artistic Excellence

By Iris Chu

Los Angeles, July 2023: The UFVA Annual Conference held in Savannah, Georgia, is set to be an exceptional event as the College of Arts and Letters at Cal State LA brings forth a remarkable showcase of talent, creativity, and diverse perspectives. Students and faculty alike will present their thought-provoking works, leaving a lasting impact on attendees and further establishing the department's commitment to excellence.

One standout participant in the conference is Maggie Pour, an accomplished student who has recently achieved remarkable milestones in her academic and creative journey. Pour, who was awarded her MFA in TV, Film, and Theater, and is set to complete her MA in Media in the upcoming Fall 2023 semester, has been chosen as one of the five graduate fellows of UFVA 2023-24. This prestigious recognition highlights her exceptional skills and dedication to her craft. Pour's film, "October Surprise," will be screened during the conference, allowing her to showcase her talent and creative vision to a captivated audience. This honor positions her as a promising filmmaker in the industry, and her presence at the conference is sure to generate excitement and anticipation.

Joining Pour in this stellar lineup is Dalila Droege, a distinguished faculty member from the Television, Film, and Media Studies department. Droege, known for her exceptional storytelling abilities, will present her latest work, "No More Time," a narrative that promises to engage viewers with its compelling storytelling and immersive visuals. Through her film, Droege explores complex themes and emotions, delivering a thought-provoking experience that will resonate with the audience. With her keen eye for cinematic excellence, Droege's work adds a layer of depth and artistic sophistication to the conference.

Suzanne Regal, another esteemed faculty member from the TVF department, will contribute to the conference with a critical analysis that explores film and television's recent fascination with time travel as feminist revisionism and reconciliation. In her talk titled "Gender in Time Travel Media," part of the themed panel "Situating Cinema: Gender, Time, Space," Regal will provide fresh insights into this intriguing trend. Her analysis will shed light on the ways in which time travel narratives have been utilized to challenge and reimagine gender roles, offering a new perspective on the intersection of gender, time, and space in contemporary media. Regal's expertise in gender representation and cultural analysis adds an intellectually stimulating dimension to the conference.

Adding to the exceptional lineup, Eric Eichelberger, a talented TVFT MFA and TVF MA student, will screen his MFA thesis film, "Exploit This! The Complete History of Exploitation Cinema in America." This captivating documentary offers an in-depth exploration of the impact and evolution of exploitation cinema in American filmmaking. Through meticulous research and compelling storytelling, Eichelberger examines the cultural significance of exploitation cinema, delving into its historical context, societal impact, and artistic contributions. By presenting this comprehensive history, Eichelberger brings forth a deeper understanding of this unique genre and its place within the broader landscape of American cinema.

The presence of Cal State LA's Arts and Letters department at the UFVA Conference exemplifies its commitment to showcasing diverse talent, innovative storytelling, and critical analysis. The works of Maggie Pour, Dalila Droege, Suzanne Regal, and Eric Eichelberger demonstrate the department's depth and breadth of creativity, captivating audiences and sparking important conversations. Through their diverse perspectives and exceptional craftsmanship, these individuals contribute to the overall tapestry of the conference, enriching the experience for all attendees.

As the UFVA Conference approaches, make sure to mark your calendars and join us for an enriching experience that celebrates the power of storytelling, embraces diversity, and recognizes the remarkable achievements of Cal State LA's Arts and Letters community. Together, let us embark on a journey of artistic excellence, inspiration, and meaningful dialogue.

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