Brief Reflections

This page gathers together short reflections on David Reyes.

From Sue Rosvall, retired Lecturer, English Department (11/5/2014)

I have been thinking over the past month or so just what I would say to you about David.  The same word keeps coming to mind: love. David and I shared an office for over ten years.   That means that we saw each other for at least four hours every week.  I quickly discovered that he was a man of character.  He loved books and ideas. He loved his students.  He loved his colleagues and took time to listen to them.  This love of others was natural to him.  I am glad to count myself among those who recognized and appreciated the inner man that he was.  For all that he was, I loved him.  

From Aaron Gebhardt, Lecturer, English Department (10/7/2014)

I didn't know David as well as many in the department did, but after being around for a year I felt I was starting to get to know him. The fact that he was so abruptly taken from all of our lives broke my heart the moment I read the email from Dr. Garrett. My deepest sympathies to his family and friends inside and out of the department. All the lovely things everyone has been saying about him and everything Dr. Quintero so eloquently wrote in his touching eulogy gave me tremendous insight into David's wonderful, generous and brilliant character--none of which was a surprise to hear.

My fondest memory of David, which I'd shared recently with Andrew and Dr. Chari, is when we sat next to one another during the ESC 031 grading session this past summer; David was in rare form at times, even doing his dead-on Chris Rock (our very own) impression and leaving us all in stitches. I admired and appreciated his cunning but humane sense of humor and his patient, observant nature (a phenomenal birdwatcher)--nothing seemed to get past him. He was an absolute class act, a natural teacher, and a lovely human being who I will miss passing in the halls or on campus and saying a brief but jaunty hello.