ECST Technicians

The College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology (ECST) technicians include Blake Cortis, Michael Obermeyer, Sergio Marquez, and Mauricio Meza. Michael Dray is the College of ECST's Technical Operations Manager.

Equipment Technician III
Location ET B-16
[email protected]
Office (323)343-4544

  • Manual and CNC Machining
  • Repair and maintain Hydrogen Research and Fueling Facility including electrolyzer
  • Design and fabricate student and faculty projects
  • Design and fabricate research equipment
  • CAD/CAM specializing in Solidworks and MasterCAM
  • Creative problem solving
  • Millwright
  • Expert woodworking and finish carpentry

Electronics Technician III
Location ET C-250
Office (323)343-4481

  • ECST – A 209 Electromagnetic Energy Conversion Laboratory
  • ECST – A 308 Senior Design
  • ECST – B 105 Communications Laboratory
  • ECST – C 156 Control Systems
  • ECST – C 248 Digital Logic
  • ECST – C 249 Electrical Measurements and Circuits Laboratory
  • ECST – C 251 Electronics II, Sensors, Data Acquisition
  • ECST – C 252 BioMed, Power Electronics

Equipment Technician II
Location C-250
[email protected]
Office (323)343-5293

  • Repair and maintenance of lab equipment (College-wide)
  • Design and fabricate student and faculty projects
  • Design and fabricate research equipment
  • CAD specializing in Solidworks
  • Electronic design and integration
  • Programming, primarily with C++
  • Analytical problem solving
  • Test Engineering
  • Simple robotics and automation

Equipment Technician II
Location B-110A
[email protected]
Office (323)343-4523

  • Repair and maintenance of Hydrogen Research and Fueling Facility
  • Catia v5
  • 3D modeling/ 3D printing
  • CAD specializing in Solidworks
  • ECST Fleet Operations
  • Lab Technician Strength of Materials Lab
  • Lab Technician Fluid Mechanics Lab
  • Inter-campus relations: Facilities Services Trades, Property and Administration

Michael Dray
Technical Operations Manager- ECST and Hydrogen Research Facility
Location Hydrogen Station Control Room
[email protected]
Hydrogen Station (323)343-5293
Cell (614)260-5223

  • General Supervision of Technical Staff
  • Hydrogen Research Facility- operations, maintenance and marketing
  • ECST Building Coordinator