Employee and Labor Relations


Employee/Labor Relations is responsible for implementing, managing, and monitoring an effective Employee/Labor Relations program for all employees (faculty, administrators, and staff) at California State University, Los Angeles. Employee Relations advises staff on many general employee issues, policies and procedures, collective bargaining agreements and grievance procedures.


Susie Varela

Associate Vice President for Human Resources Management
Phone/Ext: 3-3691
[email protected]

Erika Ramirez

Confidential Administrative Support Assistant
Phone/Ext: 3-3654
[email protected]

Rosa Cessna

HR Manager
Phone/Ext: 3-3676
[email protected]

Employee Relations

LifeMatters provides confidential professional assistance to help employees and their family members resolve issues that affect their personal lives and/or the employee’s job performance.

For assistance you may call LifeMatters at 1-800-367-7474 or visit the website at www.mylifematters.com. Should you have any questions about the program or need the company password, please email [email protected].

  • Executive Order 1115 (PDF) – Complaint Procedures for Protected Disclosure of Improper Governmental Activities and/or Significant Threats to Health or Safety
  • Executive Order 1116 (PDF) – Complaint Procedure for Allegations of Retaliation for Having Made a Protected Disclosure under the California Whistleblower Protection Act