Payroll Services strives to ensure that all California State University, Los Angeles employees are paid in a timely and efficient manner by analyzing all available data prior to processing. To enhance our efficiency, payroll technicians are continually learning new methods and procedures. Payroll Services is the liaison between the State Controller's Office and our customers.

How To

Cal Employee Connect

The State Controller’s Office (SCO) is the Payroll “system of record” for the California State University (CSU). The SCO released the Cal Employee CONNECT (CEC) employee self-service portal application. Registration is easy and only takes a few minutes with a pay warrant (paycheck) issued from the SCO. If you need assistance with the pay warrant, please email [email protected].

  • Access the latest earnings statements
  • Access the last four years of W-2s
  • Update tax withholding status
  • Direct deposit of earnings


Wendy Xiong

Assistant Director, HR Data Operations & Payroll System
Phone/Ext: 3-3690
[email protected]

Jennifer Chu

HR Manager, Payroll Systems
Phone/Ext: 3-3698
[email protected]

Delia Sanchez

CMS Payroll Analyst
Phone/Ext: 3-3686
[email protected]

Alex Truong

Payroll Technician
Phone/Ext: 3-3692
[email protected]

Nessa Cathi

Payroll Technician
Phone/Ext: 3-3682
[email protected]