Technician Support

Technical Operations provides faculty, student, and staff support by sharing their technical experience and guidance.  Student projects, maintenance of laboratory equipment, college fleet operations and transportation, and design and fabrication assistance are typical services provided.

Technical Operations also assists Faculty, Lab Coordinators, and Department Chairs and Coordinators with questions regarding general building services.  For example, how to best coordinate the services of outside contractors and campus trades such as plumbers, carpenters, and electricians.  Although these areas are not under the work jurisdiction of Technical Operations, we have developed close working relations with the campus trades and are often able to provide guidance.

Faculty, Staff, and Department leadership are encouraged to contact Technicians directly for day-to-day lab equipment maintenance and project support via email, phone, or visit their physical offices.  If uncertain, who can best help, please contact Technical Operations Manager Michael Dray.  Students are asked to first consult with their faculty or project advisors to determine how their requests are best directed.

Facilities Services requests for building services should be placed with the appropriate Department Coordinators for the area.  Examples of these services include plumbing, electrical, elevators, fire protection systems, campus security, telecommunications, environmental health and safety, furniture moving and securing (carpenters), etc.  These work areas are covered by collective bargaining units and are beyond the work jurisdiction of Technical Operations; however, Technical Operations can provide guidance on how to best advance such requests.

For major project inquiries or emergencies, please contact Technical Operations Manager Michael Dray at (614)260-5223.