LAUTR-TI Application Process

Application Process

The Application Process for becoming and LAUTR-TI Resident Teacher is outlined below.  Please be aware that requirements are subject to change and the buttons will redirect you to the most current information and location to complete the step outlined.


1.  View the Eligibility Requirements

Both the Los Angeles Urban Teacher Residency Program and Cal State Los Angeles have eligibility and admissions requirements.  To learn about the eligibility requirements for Cal State Los Angeles, a link has been provided below.  Minimum eligbility requirements for LAUTR itself are presented in an information session, or upon request.  The link is section 2 will take you to this information.

CSU/CCOE Admissions Requirements


2.  Complete an Information Session 

Information sessions are available online at any time.  There are select information sessions throughout the year in person.  Please use the Contact Us menu option to find out about upcoming in person information sessions.  The online information session begins with a 16 minute video and includes a quiz, available here:

Register for an Information Session


3.  Complete an Online Application

The online application collects the candidate’s demographics, educational and professional background, CBEST and CSET testing status, and the names and contact information for two references.  Additionally, potential candidates are asked to respond to three short answer questions.  This process determines if the potential candidate has satisfied (or is in the process of satisfying) the minimum eligibility requirements.

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