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Student Photo "As a credential student at Cal State LA, I have encountered many opportunities to get involved within the education department on campus as either a student representative on CCOE committees or as a staff member. Currently I work with over 100 local school teachers as the administrative assistant with the Los Angeles Writing Project and the Mutliple and Single Subject Intern Program."
Cathy Morales, Graduate Student, CSULA
Student Photo "I work as a resource specialist at Wilson High School. When I started working for the first time as a teacher, I realized how well CSULA prepared me to make an immediate impact in the work place. Curriculums at CSULA are based on practical skills and knowledge that are necessary in the field. Along with supportive faculties, I have learned essential knowledge through the course at CSULA. I highly recommend the school for those who want to be ready from the first day of their teaching career!"
Nobuko Miyoshi, Graduate Student, CSULA
Student Photo "CSLA's School Psychology program is an intense and rigorous program. The rigor of the program is managed through the encouragement and support of the professors. The people that compose each cohort, begin as peers, but as the program progresses, they become a support system and meaningful friendships are developed."
Alejandra Ojeda, 1st Year Student, CSULA
Student Photo "At CSULA, I really enjoyed studying under the faculty who were obviously passionate about their field. Not only are they committed to the field of reading and education, they are dedicated to having their students at the Master’s level go into schools and make a difference as reading teachers in the lives of children. This excitement is definitely contagious and can help us become change agents in our environment. I feel honored to have studied under such amazing and knowledgeable professors as Dr. Moustafa and Dr. Unaloff who have been very helpful and encouraging. These two individuals have truly been the highlight of my experience here at Cal State Los Angeles."
Jenny, M.A. in Education, Reading Option, Current Student
Student Photo "I enjoyed the pragmatic nature of the courses. I now have a wealth of ideas that I can use in the classroom to suit a variety of student needs. In addition, I feel like I now have a sound research base from which to make important decisions for my school site such as text-book adoption and benchmark exams creation. I now have more credibility with my staff which will support my vision of putting my science department on the map in terms of student achievement."
Edna, M.A. in Education, Science Education Option, Current Student
Student Photo "I appreciate both the cost-effectiveness of the program and the amount of support we received from the staff. I was privileged to work with a rare collection of highly competent professors who each specialized in a different area of science education. The heavy emphasis on inquiry-based teaching has already made a significant impact on my pedagogy, having already implemented several activities this year in my own classes. I can now be considered a leader among my staff which allows me to align my science department with national best-practices."
Randall, M.A. in Education, Science Education Option, Current Student