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Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA)

I have to take edTPA! What do I do!?

EDUCATE yourself:
     • You will register for edTPA through Pearson at during Student Teaching.
     • There is a $300 fee for edTPA and it covers all development costs and operational assessment services associated with the resources and support for implementation, delivery, scoring and reporting of edTPA, as well as customer support service for candidates.
     • Scorers are trained specifically to edTPA rubrics, they use standardized scoring procedures and are calibrated and monitored during scoring.

CCOE offers two kinds of workshop classes to prepare you to pass TPA:
     1. During the semester prior to student-teaching, to familiarize yourself with the TPA process.
     2. During student-teaching, as you actually pay for and submit the TPA.

Each class meets five times during the semester, on a Friday from 4-6:45
We provide the required texts in the class
     • edTPA Single Subject Handbook
     • edTPA Elementary Literacy Handbook for Literacy and Math
     • edTPA-Making Good Choices

Your instructors
     For Single Subject, Professor Michael Haussler, TPA Coordinator                            
     [email protected]
     For Multiple Subject, Professor Steven Brownson, TPA Co-Coordinator
     [email protected]

For more details, follow this link and read all about it!
EdTPA information -edTPA at CSULA-Policies and Procedures .pdf

Join the TPA Contact Group. This is a closed group on Facebook, where passers and those yet to pass can meet, share strategies, and talk about the TPA. Here is the link: