Performing Arts Facilities

The performing arts venues and facilities in the College of Arts & Letters include:

  • The State Playhouse, a 271-seat proscenium-style theatre
  • The Music Hall concert hall, a 116-seat proscenium-style concert hall
  • The Choral Room, a 185-seat classroom and performance venue
  • The Arena Theatre, a flexible, black-box theatre with variable seating sizes and arrangements
  • Three dance studios
  • Other performing arts related classrooms, theatrical shop facilities, and related support areas

Requests to use the performing arts facilties, as well as all event support, are managed and supervised by A&L Productions, in support of the mission of the College of Arts & Letters. Start your event request by contacting A&L Productions or by completing one of the request forms appropriate to your request.


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These links will appear on each A&L Productions page to assist in navigation. Look for them on the bottom of each page. 

They will direct you to more information

  • about A&L Productions
  • policies and procedures
  • request forms and processes to book the facilities for your event
  • photos of the venues and support facilities
  • technical specifications of the venues
  • draftings of the venues, including CAD and PDF versions
  • support staff contact information

We look forward to working with you to make your event a successful one!

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