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All new requests require a minimum THREE WEEKS lead-time before your first scheduled activity or rehearsal. Please plan ahead!

Most requests will start with the Event Request Form – ALP-110. If you are a campus group, organization, or department, a student club or organization, or an off-campus renter, please start with this form. There are different links below for on-campus users and off-campus users. Please select the appropriate link.

Music student recitalists will use the Music Recital Request Form – ALP-112. This is for Department of Music student recitals as part of the academic program, to schedule performance dates in the college venues. Also download the Music Recital Packet for checklists and procedures for music students seeking to do recitals. The packet is listed in the links below.

Class project assignments will use the Class Project Form – ALP-111. The Department of Theatre and Dance, as well as the Department of Television, Film and Media Studies and the graduate M.F.A. in Television, Film and Theatre, all occasionaly require students to present projects that will require the use of college performing arts venues, rehearsal space, or props and costumes. Use this form to start your class project request. 

If your project involves filming, please submit your film request through Public Affairs prior to making your request for performing arts spaces and equipment. A&L Productions will not process your request to film until an approved film permit has also been received. 

As of Fall 2023, all forms should be submitted via the AdobeSign WebForm links. If the form you have chosen links directly to AdobeSign, please submit through that process. You may also email or fax a completed PDF version and hard copies can be delivered to the A&L Productions office. Hard copies of blank forms will continue to be available on the 1st floor of the Theatre Arts (TA) building. 

The four buttons below will take you to the most frequently used forms. Additional forms and links are further down the page. 

Forms and Links to All Documents

  • ALP-110 – Off-Campus User or Renter of Campus Facilities – Event Proposal and Request to Use Facilities as an AdobeSign WebForm (use for all Off-Campus rental or usage inquiries)
  • ALP-110 – Campus Department/Organization/Club – Event Proposal and Request to Use Facilities as an AdobeSign WebForm (use for any requests by campus departments, organizations or student clubs, unless it is a class project or a music student recital)
  • For a blank PDF version of the ALP-110 form, click here
  • ALP-111 – Student Class Project Proposal and Request Form as a DocuSign PowerForm (use for Theatre Arts, Dance, MA, MFA/TVFT, TVFM and similar projects which are part of formal classes)
  • Student Request Instructions – Guidelines for student usage of props, costumes, and furniture and how and when to use form ALP-111 (11/11/18 version)
  • For a blank PDF version of the ALP-111 form, click here
  • ALP-112 – Music Student Recital Request Form as an AdobeSign WebForm
  • For a blank PDF version of the ALP-112 form, click here
  • Music Student Recital Packet – Fall 2023 guidelines and instruction on Music Student Recital requests
  • ALP-113 – Classroom and Instructional Support Request Form (not currently in use)
  • ALP-710 – Facility Manager Report form

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