About A&L Productions

A&L Productions is a support unit of the College of Arts & Letters that manages, supports and staffs all usage of the Performing Arts Facilities in the College of Arts & Letters. A&L Productions primarily provides technical services and support relative to the college performance venues, curricular activities scheduled in those performance venues, college sponsored events within Arts & Letters designated performances spaces, and instructional support for the Department of Music, Department of Theatre and Dance, and for the Television, Film, & Theatre M.F.A. program. A&L Productions also provides services for other constituents both internal and external to the college and the university on a need basis, giving priority to the mission of the College of Arts & Letters, its departments, programs, centers, and the educational experiences of its students. Through these activities, A&L Productions works to fulfill the mission of the College of Arts & Letters.

A&L Productions schedules events, equipment use, and assigns support for all events and performances in college venues under the supervision of the College of Arts & Letters. A&L Productions reports to and is accountable to the Dean of the College of Arts & Letters.

Strategic Goals and Objectives of A&L Productions

Space Usage Policies and Procedures

Safety Program and Safety Training Procedures in the Performing Arts

A&L Productions COVID Protocols

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