Faculty & Staff

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures offers you excellent and innovative educational opportunities to learn an additional language and culture that make you think beyond your zip code, the border, and the continent. By gaining a solid understanding of the nature of language and its intimate relationship with culture, as well as achieving a high level of linguistic proficiency, you will also be ready for advanced studies or job opportunities using the target language.

Location:   King Hall D 1054
Phone:       (323) 343-4230
Fax:           (323) 343-4234
Office Hours:
     Monday-Friday: 8:00am-5:00pm

Department Staff







Spanish M.A. Program Advisement

1st week: walk-in basis; first come, first serve

2nd-15th week: by appointments only

Please schedule your appointment in KH D1054 to meet with the advisers.

Dr. Pablo Baler                 [email protected]        KH D1054     (323) 343-4230

Dr. Namhee Lee                [email protected]          KH D1054     (323) 343-4230

Language Program Coordinators

Chinese      Dr. Hsin-fu Chiu           [email protected]        KH A3039     (323) 343-4245

French       Dr. Gretchen Angelo     [email protected]    KH A3033     (323) 343-4246

Japanese    Dr. Chisato Koike         [email protected]        KH A3054     (323) 343-4237

Korean       Dr. Namhee Lee            [email protected]          KH D1054     (323) 343-4230

Spanish      Dr. Paola Marin            [email protected]      KH A3031     (323) 343-4239