Undergraduate Opportunities

Why Comm

Choosing the right Communication Option

The Communication major at Cal State LA offers opportunities for a comprehensive study of human communication as it pertains to the dynamics of individual, social, and civic life.  We offer an undergraduate program leading to a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Communication, with options in Health Communication, Organizational Communication, Mass Communication (Advertising and Public Relations), and Social Justice Communication. Each option of the major covers a cluster of the subfields of the discipline represented in the major U.S. and international associations of communication scholarship.  All options require a common set of core courses that provide a theoretical understanding of the nature, function, and significance of human communication as an interdisciplinary field of knowledge, spanning social scientific and humanistic perspectives.  These options provide students opportunities to specialize in theory, research, and practice of human communication in specific hubs and contexts.

Student Learning Outcomes for BA in Communication Studies