Solar Eagle III: Support the Team: Buy a Solar Cell!


Cal State L.A.'s School of Engineering and Technology has developed a grass-roots fundraising campaign called "Buy-A-Solar-Cell' for friends and supporters who want to contribute to the Solar Eagle Project individually.

As a Buy-A-Solar-Cell supporter, you can purchase one solar cell for $100. Or, if you're interested in our Sunrayce Special, you can buy three solar cells for $200. For each cell you purchase, we will place one solar cell on our commemorative Buy-A-Solar-Cell campaign banner in your name. If you wish, your solar cell can be engraved to honor another person. The banner covers almost an entire wall in the Engineering and Technology building at Cal State L.A.

Already, we have sold more than 150 solar cells, raising $20,000 for the Solar Eagle III. These and future donations to the Buy-A-Solar-Cell campaign support a world-class program that has already produced rising stars in the fields of engineering and technology. Veterans of the Solar Eagle project have left Cal State L.A. to make an indelible mark on the field of alternative energy.

Find out more about Cal State L.A.'s Buy-A-Solar-Cell campaign! Call Laura Carlson-Weiner at (323) 343-4494. You can also click on the solar cell in the header above to send an email for more information.


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