Student Accomplishments



One student has received his B.S. degree with the capstone design topic from his research activities conducted in SERENADES. He has been admitted to the graduate program of Electrical engineering at CSULA.
*Another student is expected to finish his master thesis in astronomical image data transmission. He has been hired by industry.


Thanh Tran - hired by Northrop Grumman (Summer 2006).  Currently working at JPL.

Jenny Martinez - Currently working at Boeing.

Carlos Velasco- Currently working for NASA JPL, with the Deep Space Network, at the Goldstone, CA facility.

Vu Khuong - Currently working for Northrop Grumman.

Ignacio Sanchez - Currently working for JPL.

Jonathan Roberts - deferring Ph.D. admission to Viterbi School of Engineering at USC.  Currently at CSULA working on Master's in EE.

Rodrigo Luna - ?