FAQS: Frequently Asked Questions


  • ALP-110 Event Proposal and Request to Use Facilities (use for all new requests other than those indicated below.)
  • ALP-111 Student Class Project Proposal and Request Form (use for Theatre Arts, Dance, MA, MFA/TVFT, TVF projects which are part of formal classes.)
  • ALP-112 Music Student Recital Request Form
  • ALP-113 Classroom and Instructional Support Request Form
  • PLA Property Loan Agreement (used when checking out costumes, props and furniture for projects.)
  • Student Request Instructions – guidelines for student usage of props, costumes, and furniture when using Form PTS-111.
  • Music Student Recital Instructions – guidelines and instruction on Music Student Recital requests and using PTS-112
  • There may be charges associated with support of your request. A&L Productions personnel MUST staff ALL activities in A&L Productions venues.  All technical crew/house staff provided by A&L Productions will be billed for a minimum of a four (4) hour call(s) at the appropriate labor rates.  All labor charges are in addition to equipment or other university rental fees.

Additional Questions

The A&L Productions office is located in the Theatre Arts Building #204 (TA-204).  This is located on the ground floor just inside the double doors near the Playhouse Theatre Box Office.  Please see the campus map.

Please contact or stop by the A&L Productions office. We would be happy to schedule a refresher course with you. Please contact us in advance so that we may find a suitable time to schedule with you that is not last-minute before your performance.

Please contact the A&L Productions office. After you have filled out your form and submitted it, we will be able to anticipate your needs and would be happy to discuss it with you.