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BOOKING an Activity or Event in an A&L Performing Arts Facility

Procedures for booking facilities through A&L Productions

1. Submit your request.

  • Music student recitals submit ALP-112 Student Recital Request form.
  • Class projects submit ALP-111 Class Project Request form.
  • All other requests submit the ALP-110 Event Booking form.
  • Get all necessary approvals/signatures prior to submission of the request.
  • Completed forms may be submitted electronically/via email, by campus mail, by fax, or by delivering to TA 204. Email and fax delivery instructions are on the bottom of each form.

2. Please turn in your completed form with all approvals at least three (3) weeks prior to your preferred date of activity.

3. A&L Productions will review your request. If more information is needed, A&L Productions will contact the requestor.

4. A&L Productions will produce a labor estimate.

  • Most usage of the Performing Arts Facilities require A&L Productions labor for access, supervision, and stage crew support.
  • Cost estimates will be emailed to the contact person on the request form.

5. The requestor, department, or organization must return the confirmation with an approving signature preferably at least two (2) weeks prior to the activity.

  • An approving signature constitutes an agreement for the requestor or requesting organization to cover labor and other costs, up to the amount on the estimate.
  • If a campus lease agreement is required, the requestor will be connected with the campus Facilities Use Coordinator, to draw up a formal contract and to ensure campus insurance requirements are met.
  • If filming is involved, the requestor will pursue additional approvals through the Department of Public Affairs.

6. Once all approvals are complete and in place, the event will be considered “confirmed” and proceed to scheduling the event or activity, including labor support from A&L Productions.

7. The requestor shall submit, one (1) week prior to the activity, all final event information.

  • daily schedules
  • setup charts
  • detailed breakdowns of the activities (including arrival time, rehearsal time, house open time, event start time, event finish time, scheduled meal breaks, and estimated time of departure)
  • any other changes or adjustments from the original request.

8. A&L Productions will make final adjustments to support crew call times.

  • A&L Productions support crew will typically arrive one (1) hour prior to the arrival of the requestor to prepare the facility and provide access for the activity.
  • Some activities will require more setup time.
  • A&L Productions crew will require regular meal breaks.
  • Crew meal breaks are to be scheduled at or before the crew has worked six (6) hours. Daily schedules will take these breaks into account.
  • The requestor may not engage in rehearsals, performances, or any event preparation activity in the Performing Arts Facilities while the crew is on their meal break; the requesting organization should also take a meal break at this time.
  • Each space has minimum staffing requirements.
  • Different activities will also have varying minimum staffing requirements depending on the specifics of those activities.
  • A&L Productions determines all of these staffing requirements for all uses of the Performing Arts Facilities.

9. After the activity is complete, A&L Productions will produce billing paperwork.

  • Formal invoices will be mailed to the requestor through the campus' Business Financial Services department.
  • All payments will be made according to the requirements on invoices sent from Business Financial Services.
  • Please do not send payments to A&L Productions or to the College of Arts and Letters.




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