Jose and David

Current Projects

Using Asset-based Participatory Design Thinking to Develop Culturally-Relevant STEM Video Modules to Promote Intrinsic Motivation with support from CSU STEM-NET.


Modeling of solid-state batteries in collaboration with the Charles Stark Draper Labs.


Creation of the ECST Makerspace and study of the impact of project based learning on student success with support from the W.M. Keck Foundation.

Cal State LA News and Manufacturing Tomorrow


Creating inexpensive neutral-pH aqueous flow batteries with support from Center for Energy and Sustainability (NSF CREST Center), and Cal State LA Office of Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities.


Designing zinc/manganese dioxide flow batteries with support of the Cal State LA PREM center.


Understanding the effect of engineering identity on student success and the formation and erosion of engineering identity. This project is in collaboration with institutions across the US and is done with the support of the NSF.


Design of continuously-variable transmissions for off-road applications and overall vehicle design of Formula SAE vehicles.


Recent Publications

Burrola S., Horii S., Gonzalez‐Guerrero M.J., Bachman J., Gomez F., Production of a NiO/Al Primary Battery Employing Powder‐Based Electrodes, Electrophoresis Nov 41 (2020) 131-136.

Battery Voltage and Power Versus Current Density


Perez S., Bachman J., Design of Baja SAE Gearbox for Optimal Performance and Minimum Weight, SAE Technical Paper, Small Powertrain and Energy Systems Technology Conference, 2020-32-2311, 2020.

Schematic of Baja Vehicle


Carranza R., Rico A., Leguizamon J., Bachman J., Measurement of the Forces from the Ground on the Tires for a Baja SAE Vehicle, SAE Technical Paper, Small Powertrain and Energy Systems Technology Conference, 2020-32-2309, 2020.

Forces on Baja Vehicle


Horii M., Chistianson R., Mutha H., Bachman J., Solid-state Li-ion battery modeling in Python, CSU Student Research Competition Oral Presentation, 2020.

Horii M., Chistianson R., Mutha H., Bachman J., Solid-state Li-ion battery modeling in Python, Cal State LA Student Symposium Oral Presentation, 3rd Place Overall, Outstanding Presentation Award, 2020.

Concentration of Lithium Ions in Solid-State Battery

Dizon A. (Speaker), Ali A., Barron P., Rezian S., Bachman J., Aqueous pH-Neutral Flow Batteries, SWE WE Local Data-Blitz Oral and Poster Presentation Competition, San Diego, CA, 2020.

SWE Local Graph Showing Energy and Voltage

M. Horii, R. Chistianson, H. Mutha, J. Bachman, Solid-State Li-Ion Battery Modeling in Python, SCCUR 2019 Poster.


A. Ali, A. Dizon, S. Rezian, J. Bachman, Aqeous pH-Neutral Flow Batteries, SCCUR 2019 Poster.

Alyson and Ashar SCCUR

J. Rochin, M. Horii, D. Reyes-Ramirez, J. Bachman, Increased Reversibility of Zinc/MnO2 Batteries with Electrolyte Additives, SCCUR 2019 Poster.

Jose Rochin Poster

Bachman J., Muy S., Grimaud A., Chang H.-H., Pour N., Lux S., Paschos O., Maglia F., Lupart S., Lamp P., Giordano L., Shao-Horn Y., Inorganic Solid-State Electrolytes for Lithium Batteries: Mechanisms And Properties Governing Ion Conduction, Chemical Reviews 116 (2016) 140-162.

Diffusion Plot

Bachman J., Kavian R., Graham D., Kim D.Y., Noda S., Nocera D., Shao-Horn Y., Lee S.W., Electrochemical Polymerization of Pyrene Derivatives on Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes for Pseudocapacitive Electrodes, Nature Communications 6 (2015) 7040.

CV of Pyrene Derivatives

Muy S., Bachman J., Chang H-H., Giordano L., Maglia F., Lupart S., Lamp P., Zeir W., Shao-Horn Y., Lithium Conductivity and Meyer-Neldel Rule in Li3PO4-Li3VO4-Li4GeO4 Lithium Superionic Conductors, Chemistry of Materials (2018).

Meyer Neldel Research

Muy S., Bachman J., Giordano L., Chang H-H., Abernathy D., Bansal D., Delaire O., Hori S., Kanno R., Maglia, F., Lupart S., Lamp P., Shao-Horn Y., Tuning Mobility and Stability of Lithium Ion Conductors Based on Lattice Dynamics, Energy and Environmental Science 11 (2018) 850-859.

Tuning Mobility

Sheberla D., Bachman J., Elias J., Shao-Horn Y., Dinca M., Conductive MOF Electrodes for Stable Supercapacitors with High Areal Capacitance, Nature Materials 16 (2017) 220-224.

Conductive MOF