Principal Investigator: Dr. John "Chris" Bachman (Faculty Web Page)

John Bachman


Graduate students:

David Strickland (B.S. Mechanical Engineering) - Aqueous pH Neutral Redox Flow Battery Design

David Strickland


Nicholas Gerlits (M.S. Mechanical Engineering) - Design of Inexpensive Electrochemical Nickel Additive Manufacturing

Nick Gerlits


Isaac Adalpe (M.S. Mechanical Engineering) - Design of Neutral-pH Redox Flow Batteries

Andrew Garcia (M.S. Material Science and Engineering) - Design of Neutral-pH Redox Flow Batteries


Undergraduate Students:



Hyera Son(M.S. Material Science in Engineering) - Decision-Making Methodology for Kogas’ Hydrogen Strategy

Hyera Son


Marino Di Franco Quinonez (B.S. Electrical Engineering) - Identification of High-Entropy Oxides for Oxygen Evolution Catalysis

Marino Di Franco Quinonez


Arnaldo Rendon (M.S. Mechanical Engineering) - The Effect of Electrochemical Conditions on Inexpensive Electrochemical 3d Printing

Arnaldo Rendon


Damian Prashad (M.S. Mechanical Engineering) - Aqueous flow battery system design

Damian Prashad


Jose Rochin (B.S. Mechanical Engineering) - Zinc/Manganese dioxide flow batteries

Jose Rochin


Juan Limeta-Rios (B.S. Mechanical Engineering) - Flow battery test cell design

Juan Limeta Rios


Edgar Marroquin (M.S. Mechanical Engineering) - Design and Tuning of Continuously Variable Transmissions for Baja SAE Vehicles

Edgar Marroquin


Andy Hernandez (M.S. Mechanical Engineering) - Overall Vehicle Design of a Formula SAE Vehicle

Andy Hernandez


Maya Horii (B.S. Mechanical Engineering) - Modeling of Solid-State Batteries

Maya Horii


Irene Zhang (B.S. Mechanical Engineering) - Modeling of Solid-State Sodium-Ion Batteries

Irene Zhang


Patricia Barron (M.S. Material Science and Engineering) - Aqueous flow battery materials

Patricia Barron


Alexis Kam (B.S. Mechanical Engineering) - Engineering Education