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For help with Online pedagogy, techniques, Canvas, etc. Please look for emails from Jane Dong which will list ongoing online teaching tips and techniques.

Important Please Read:
We ask that you or your students not show up at your ITC's office or call them unless it is an I.T. emergency that requires immediate attention such as you are in the middle of lecturing in class and the instructor computer or projector is not working and you are unable to conduct your class without it. 

We recommend using either Firefox or Chrome web browsers.  Some users may experience a blank page after clicking on the Submit a Ticket button with Internet Explorer.

Instead, faculty, staff, and students should submit either an ITS or ECST I.T. support ticket.  For general questions that can be answered through email, you can still send an email to your ITCs (please include all 3 ITCs in your email: Fernando, Kenneth, and Yin).

In order to route your support ticket to the correct location for the fastest resolution, it is important that you submit a ticket to the correct location.  Please review the information provided below for where to submit your I.T. support ticket to.

ITS I.T. Support Ticket

For ITS related I.T. support issues such as the following please click on Submit an ITS I.T. Suppot Ticket below:
Issues with account locked out (GET/MyCSULA), forgot password (GET/MyCSULA), Moodle, Wifi connectivity (no signal/low signal/getting disconnected), guest accounts, email issues (not receiving emails, email bounce backs, questions about possible phishing emails), VPN, phone or voicemail, MyTools, Zoom, OneDrive for Business, Sharepoint, Drupal (campus web platform), Projector problems in ITS baseline classrooms.  If you are not able to login to ServiceNow to create a ticket you can call the ITS Helpdesk at 323-343-6170.

Submit an ITS Ticket


ECST I.T. Support Ticket

For all other I.T. support issues such as engineering software license errors, obtaining hardware/software quotes, office computer, baseline laptop, research lab, computer lab, projector problems in ECST owned classrooms, Microsoft Office, printing, support needed for special event (please submit at least 48 hours prior), hardware installation, software installation, computer science class servers (cs1, oscar, csproject), I.T. consultation requests, and ECST senior design.


Submit an ECST Ticket

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