Los Faustinos Program

About the Play

Los Faustinos by Bernardo Solano with music and original lyrics by Roberto Alcaraz


The play, Los Faustinos, was originally conceived as a piece to address issues facing the community of the South Central Los Angeles corridor. At the time, this community was going through many changes, one of those being that it was transitioning from a mostly Black neighborhood to a mostly Latina/o one.  A hallmark of community-based theatre is to have an artistic company work with a community to devise a piece that is specific to the community. Many theatres employ this technique, including Pangea World Theatre in Minneapolis, Carpetbag Theatre in Knoxville, Commedia del’Arte Theatre in Humboldt County, California, and Cornerstone Theatre in Los Angeles. It was at Cornerstone Theatre in 1994 that playwright Bernardo Solano worked with the community surrounding San Miguel Parish in Watts to develop Los Faustinos.

Community theatre comes out of performances that exist outside of western time and place. Community theatre, in a sense, is ceremony. Like ceremony, it is performed by a community to express community ideals, hopes, dreams, wishes, and sorrows. The purpose of ceremony, according to the late Laguna Pueblo scholar Paula Gunn Allen, is the reenactment and prose recording of myth. Utilizing Dr. Gunn Allen’s terms, Los Faustinos takes the myth of the American Dream and turns it into a deal with the devil… where, in order to achieve one’s dreams of success, one must sell their souls to the devil himself to get ahead in this world.

The Faust myth comes from German folklore and is the story of a man who makes a pact with the devil at the crossroads, exchanging his soul for unlimited wealth, success, and earthly pleasures. Faust has been the basis for many classical Western works of art and theatre, including Christopher Marlowe’s The Tragic History of Dr. Faustus (1587), and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Faust, Part 1 and Part 2. (1829). The term “Faustian bargain” comes directly from this German legend. The legend names a demon, Mephistopheles, a demon of the same higher angelic rank as Lucifer, whom, upon Lucifer’s request, is sent out to steal souls to populate Hell. These souls are not the purest of the pure; rather, they belong to those humans who are maybe just teetering on the edge being damned. In exchange for a soul, Mephistopheles provides material riches, worldly dreams, and the deepest desires of the human heart. Regardless of its origin in German folklore, this cross-cultural myth meets us at our basic human desires and wants, the choice to remain pure and keep one’s soul, spending one’s life enjoying the fruits of the demon’s dark gifts only to spend eternity in hell. Hence, the Faustian bargain.

The appeal of the Faustian bargain often crosses cultures and languages, and in Bernardo Solano’s reworking of the western classical tale, he brings it to a Latina/o community seeking to find its footing in a world where they are not welcome. The mythology and folklore of Mexico is represented through the words of La Muerte (Lady Death), who narrates the play for the audience. The play tells the story of the seven members of the Faustino family, parents Elena and Daniel and their children Laurel (Beatriz), Joey, Martin, Jose, and Esperanza, all make a deal with Mephisto, who appears to them each in the guise of a powerful human who can give them their deepest desire. Each of the family represents the seven deadly sins: pride (Elena), greed (Daniel), lust (Joey), envy (Laurel), gluttony, or in this case, hunger (Esperanza), and wrath or rage (Martin). Each of the family are ultimately are brought to Mephisto’s attention by their embodiment of the sin they represent. Yet, each of these desires that the family represents seem to be what anyone would want in life. The community of Watts could be any lower income community whose members long for a “better” life. This is the beauty of this community-based play: it can take place in ANY community.

In this version of Los Faustinos, director and Cal State LA acting professor Roberto Alcaraz has added a musical score, and set the play in Boyle Heights, embedding within the piece a sense of place and specificity. The Faustino family is surrounded by community and friends who often serve as their consciences. Spirits populate this play as much as the humans do: San Miguel the Arcangel is the perfect foil for Mephisto, the good angel to Mephisto’s bad one. La Muerta is the narrator, engaging with the audience and cast alike. Elder Doña Lupe is at the center as she represents the soul of the community as well as its conscience. Her role is a nod to the community’s Indigenous identity: La Virgen/Tonantzin, who walks in both the spiritual and the secular world, the native and the non-native world, the link between the past and the future, while existing fully in the present.

Good and evil and the battle for one’s soul is a story that crosses cultures and generations. As La Muerta asks us in the second act, “How is your soul?”  The lesson we take home is that our souls are still ours, but for how long? What will we do (or not do) to live the life we have always wanted, that is always just beyond reach? And finally, what is the cost to us to live materially and fully in the secular world, not paying attention to the care and feeding of the soul? Los Faustinos teaches us that the demons are always searching the world, looking for “the ruin of souls,” according to the prayer of San Miguel. But, as there are demons, there are also angels. The choice of who and what to follow is always ours.

Dr. Carolyn Dunn, faculty dramaturg

Emily Moreno, student dramaturg 



Written by Bernardo Solano
Original Music & Lyrics by Roberto Alcaraz

Directed by Roberto Alcaraz



La Muerte   •   Amy Beltran

Mephisto   •   Frank Ramirez

Jose Faustino   •   David Gallegos

Elena Faustino   •   Anatalia Vallez

Joey Faustino  •    Steven Gonzalez

Laurel Faustino  •   Yvonne Rubio

Martin Faustino   •   Manny Aguilar

Daniel Faustino   •   Brian Arechiga

Esperanza Faustino   •   Adriana Davila

St. Miguel   •   Jocelyn Tamayo

Doña Lupe   •   Irma Gill

Carmen #1   •   Carmelita Garcia

Carmen #2   •   Veronica Driscoll

Homunculus   •   Aislinn Barnes

Ray   •   Oscar Zubiran

Margarita/Good Angel   •   Kimberly Torres

Benny   •   Erick Hernandez-Picazo

Lord/Good Angel   •   Morgan Agee

Minions/Bad Angels/Good Angels   •   Terence Chin, Carola Lince Ehlbeck, Kyle Fong, Thiri Moe, Brooklyn Ruiz



Mario Leal (Bass)

Anita Garay (Drums)

Trung Pham (Piano)

Chris Buzea (Guitar)

Bryan Juarez (Guitar Sub)

Carlos Ordiano (Piano)



Scenic Designer   •   Natalie Morales

Lighting Designer   •   Bosco Flanagan

Costume Designer   •   Halei Parker

Assistant Costume Designer   •   Daniel Balladares

Makeup Artist   •   Arturo Vega

Sound Designer   •   E. Martin Gimenez
Choreographer   •   Corky Dominguez

Fight Choreographer   •   Roxanne Westerlin

Music Director   •   Carlos Ordiano

Stage Manager   •   Erik Olson

Assistant Stage Managers   •   Belinda Dornaus, Joy Diaz

Student Dramaturg   •   Emily Moreno





Props Coordinator   •   Belinda Dornaus

Light Board Operator   •   Daemaurion Hann

Audio Running Crew   •   Tallon Pedregosa, Jason Gaona

Wardrobe Running Crew   •   Elisa Ruffalo

Props Running Crew   •   Carmell Moore

Flyman   •   Jonathon Jones

Box Office Manager   •   Kendra Shenk

Master Electrician   •   Artie Peralez

Student Shop Foreman   •   Andres Giraldo

Student Master Carpenter   •   Izelah Blanco

Student Scenic Charge Artist   •   Alyssa Armas       


Scenic Paint Crew: Leeanna Shagrikyan, Eleanor Montecino, Aiden Mora-Urquilla, Elisa Ruffalo

Carpentry Crew: Lily Cabrera, Henry Cruz, Joy Diaz, Rosie Dierking, Belinda Dornaus, Sebastian Flores, Tallon Pedregosa, Elisa Ruffalo, Armenia Ward, Kendra Shenk

Costume Assistants: Arturo Vega, Daniel Balladares, Lily Cabrera, Steven Gonzalez, Francesca Labayna, Kylie Fernandez

Electrics Crew: Carmelita Garcia Espinosa, Luis Garcia, Ruochen Chen, Rosie Dierking


Faculty Technical Director   •   Daniel Czypinski

Faculty Production Manager   •   Meredith Greenburg

Electrics Shop Supervisor   •   Tim Jones

Costume Shop Supervisor   •   Bruce Zwinge

Faculty Dramaturgy Mentor   •   Dr. Carolyn Dunn

Faculty Stage Management Mentor   •   Morgan Zupanski

Audio Shop Supervisor   •   Rico Garcia       

Arts & Letters Facilities Manager   •   Elizabeth Pietzrak

Graphics Design   •   Matt Roth

Administrative Support Coordinator   •   Laura Dickinson-Turner

Administrative Support Assistant   •   Rocelyn Islas


Photo of actor Amy Luna-Beltrán

Amy Luna-Beltrán

Amy Luna-Beltrán (La Muerte) was born and raised in East Los Angeles, CA. She received her B.A. from Humboldt State University. She is currently a second-year Master of Fine Arts Student in Acting at California State University, Los Angeles. Favorite Roles on Stage: Real Woman Have Curves, as Pancha, CB’s Sister in Dog Sees God; Juana Enez De La Cruz in NCRT's The Tenth Muse; #14 in Bellingham TheatreWorks The Wolves; and Tania DelValle in NCRT's Native Gardens.

Photo of actor David Gallegos

David Gallegos

David Gallegos (Jose Faustino) is graduating this semester with his BA in Theater Arts, Performance Option. He is honored to have finished his third and final show at Cal State LA with a story such as this one. He has also been blessed to perform in Invisible Women and See What I See at this great school. He is excited to see what his future holds for him as he attempts to make it in the business in any capacity he can. He wants to thank his family and friends back home for all the love and support they have given him over the years. Most of all, he’d like to thank his stage family The Faustinos, as he will never forget the wonderful memories they’ve created together. Lastly a special thank you to all our cast and crew for their amazing work these last few months. Enjoy the show.   

Photo of actor Anatalia Vallez

Anatalia Vallez

Anatalia Vallez (Elena Faustino) is a writer, actor, and creative alchemist passionate about using art as a tool for creating consciousness and community. She is a second-year MFA student studying Television, Film and Theatre at Cal State LA. Last seen on a physical stage as Pachuca Girl in Zoot Suit and Homunculus in Los Faustinos at Santa Ana College, it is an honor to be reinvigorated by the process of sharing this offering to the local community here in LA. Anatalia is also the author of The Most Spectacular Mistake (FlowerSong Press, 2020) a book of poetry and prose featured in the LA Times, LibroMobile and KPFK Radio’s Nuestra Voz. She is currently developing her own play based on her monologue La Sirena/ The Siren that will be produced later this year. Tlazocamati to her family for their incessant support and to everyone who made this show possible!  Find out more @anataliavallez & anataliavallez.com/

Photo of actor Steven Gonzalez

Steven Gonzalez

Steven Gonzalez (Joey Faustino) is a senior at Cal State LA, majoring in Theatre Arts and Dance, with an option in Theatre. This is Steven’s fifth production with Cal State LA. Steven’s favorite roles on stage include Ensemble in She Kills Monsters, Beadle Bamford in Sweeney Todd, and Officer Barrel in Urinetown. Steven hopes to continue to work in the arts and to continue to hone his craft. Steven would like to thank his friends and family for always supporting him and pushing him to be his best self.

Photo of actor Yvonne Rubio

Yvonne Rubio

Yvonne Rubio (Laurel Faustino) is a Junior at Cal State LA, majoring in Theatre with the performance option. This is her first production at Cal State LA after her recent transfer from Fullerton College. Aside from her acting career, she has a dance background, which includes 16 years of Folklorico, one year of contemporary dance, and one year of ballet. Yvonne would like to thank her family and friends for the love and support. And to her Faustinos Family: she loves you guys so much.

Photo of actor Manny Aguilar

Manny Aguilar

Manny Aguilar (Martin Faustino) is a graduating senior at Cal State LA, majoring in Theatre Arts with an emphasis in performance. This is Manny’s second production with Cal State LA, the first one being last semester’s Old Blood playing a vampire/police officer/citizen. After graduation, Manny plans on continuing to hone his craft and pursue his dream of becoming an actor on the big screen. He has already worked as an extra for upcoming Disney plus shows, including American Born Chinese and The Mighty Ducks: Gamechangers that will premiere later this year. He would like to give a huge thanks to his professors for continuously believing in him, to the amazing crew for all their hard work on this show, but most importantly, to all the actors for becoming an actual family to him.

Photo of actor Brian Arechiga

Brian Arechiga

Brian Arechiga (Daniel Faustino) is a 23-year-old Theatre Arts and Dance major with an option in Performance, this is his third production at Cal State LA. Brian’s repertoire in theatre includes Eugene in Grease, Toby in Sweeney Todd, Iago in Aladdin, Lawrence Wargrave in And Then There Were None, Jay Kurnitz in Lost in Yonkers, Uncle Fester in The Addams Family, and Sonny in In the Heights. Along with being a full time student, Brian is also a character performer at Universal Studios Hollywood and has played characters ranging from Puss n’ Boots from Shrek to Guy Diamond from Trolls, and has worked five years as a scare-actor for Halloween Horror Nights, and is a current union member of The American Guild of Variety Artists. Brian would like to thank his parents, sister, brother, and closest friends for always supporting his goals and dreams of being a performer.

Photo of actor Adriana Davila

Adriana Davila

Adriana Davila (Esperanza Faustino) is a freshman at Cal State LA, majoring in Journalism. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, this is Adriana’s first production at Cal State LA, and she is very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the cast. Adriana was last seen as Ms. Potts in her high school production of Beauty and the Beast. Her favorite shows that she has been a part of include Matilda, Beauty and the Beast, and Letters to Sala. Adriana would like to thank the cast and crew of Los Faustinos for being so welcoming, as well as her parents for their constant support.

Photo of actor Jocelyn Tamayo

Jocelyn Tamayo

Jocelyn Tamayo (St. Michael/ San Miguel) is a recent transfer student from East Los Angeles College. She is currently pursuing higher education in Performance, but dabbles in Costume Design and Theatre Management at Cal State LA. Some of her credits include Gloria (Ani), and Mestic A (Stephanie). Jocelyn has received awards for her work, including the Costume Design Award from the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. She is currently a member of the Student Advisory Board for KCACTF as the region’s social media manager and is a member of the Kennedy Center National Student Leadership Council. Given the changing times, she is doing what she can to make the best out of every situation and believes it is great to join like-minded artists during a pandemic.

Photo of actor Irma Gill

Irma Gill

Irma Gill (Doña Lupe) is a second-year graduate student in the MFA program for Television, Film, and Theatre - Acting Option at Cal State LA. Irma earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts and Dance Studies from Humboldt State University (now known as Cal Poly Humboldt) in May 2019. This is Irma’s fourth production with Cal State LA. Favorite roles on stage include Rosali in Real Women Have Curves by Josefina Lopez and Vanessa in Adoration of the Old Woman by Jose Rivera. After completing her undergraduate degree, Irma moved to the rainy city of Portland, Oregon where she did freelance, worked as an extra, and as a stand-in for Netflix’s Trinkets and TBS’ Chad. But she gave up her work as a stand-in to pursue her MFA degree.

Photo of actor Carmelita Garcia Espinoza

Carmelita Garcia Espinoza

Carmelita Garcia Espinoza (Carmen #1) is a Theatre major at Cal State LA, with an option in Performance. She is a transfer student from Pasadena City College, which was where her interest in theatre was nurtured primarily through various crewing positions on productions like Urinetown, Cabaret, and Metamorphoses among others. During her Fall 2021 semester at Cal State LA, Carmelita was the House Manager for Invisible Women and Does He Like Black Girls? Carmelita’s role in the cast of Los Faustinos marks her acting debut, which she is really excited about. This semester has truly proven to be eventful for her as she has also been a part of the lighting crew for both the production of Soledad, and Los Faustinos. Carmelita is an enthusiast of the collaborative effort that goes into putting on a production and is grateful for the opportunities to be a part of such a fulfilling process both on and off stage. Carmelita would like to thank her family for all of their love and support, and she would like to extend her gratitude to all those who have also been pillars through her educational journey.

Photo of actor Veronica Driscoll

Veronica Driscoll

Veronica Driscoll (Carmen #2) is a third-year student at Cal State LA studying Theatre arts as a performance option. She began her work in theatre in middle school and has loved it ever since. She is enriched by all forms of art and has decided to take on many areas outside of acting such as singing, dance, sewing, and playwriting. In fact, a deep love for writing pushed her to take the opportunity in the Spring semester of 2021 to present her play Does He Like Black Girls? as a participant of the John Lion's Play Festival. The Cal State La Theatre department has given her a great number of opportunities to expand and mold her craft by supporting both her writing and acting personas. She would like to thank Meredith Greenburg, Carolyn Dunn and so many others at Cal State La for pushing her to the limits to ensure her success in this field. Last but never least, she has the cast of Los Faustinos to thank for all of the love, patience, and support. Afterall, without them, she may not have ever been able to pass her Spanish class.

Photo of actor Aislinn Barnes

Aislinn Barnes

Aislinn Barnes (Homunculus): Aislinn Barnes is a Theatre Major at Cal State LA. She has been acting since she was eight years old and has been in over 30 productions. She is so excited to be a part of her first ever college production! She also wants to say how incredibly thankful she is that she was able to rope her girlfriend Moe (Minion/Bad Angel) into the world of musicals. She is so grateful for everyone who traveled all the way from Hollister to come and see her stage debut in Los Angeles, and she hopes that you all enjoy the show!

Photo of actor Oscar Zubiran

Oscar Zubiran

Oscar Zubiran (Ray) is currently a freshman at Cal State LA. He is 19 years old from Bakersfield, California. He is majoring in Theatre Arts as a Performance Major. Los Faustinos is Oscar’s second show as a Cal State LA student. He was most recently seen in the John Lion’s Play Festival as ‘Greg’ in Does He Like Black Girls. He has also been in shows like Annie: The Musical, Shrek The Musical, Aladdin, and The Little Mermaid. Oscar is currently residing in Los Angeles where he hopes to pursue his dreams of being an actor. He would like to thank his friends and family for always being supportive for his future endeavors.

Photo of actor Kimberly Torres

Kimberly Torres

Kimberly Torres (Margarita & A Good Angel) is a 22-year-old majoring in Business Administration with an option in Management at Cal State LA. She is a transfer student from Cañada College where she graduated with an AS-T in Business Administration and Economics. This is Kimberly’s first ever production and she is excited to be in this amazing cast and team. She is also a part of the Hispanic Business Society at Cal State LA where she is the Director of External Affairs. Kimberly would like to thank friends and family for always supporting her. She would also like to thank everyone on the production team for their amazing hard work and dedication. She would like to give a special thank you to Roberto the Director of this play for believing in her and giving her this opportunity to be in the cast.

Photo of actor Erick Hernandez - Picazo

Erick Hernandez - Picazo

Erick Hernandez - Picazo (Benny) is a Tenor and music educator based in Los Angeles. He is currently a senior working on a BM in Music Education at Cal State LA, studying voice under Robert McNeil. Erick has an AA degree in Music from El Camino College, where he performed in music ensembles such as Chorale, Opera Workshop, Guitar Ensemble, Vocal Jazz, and Concert Band. While at El Camino he also got involved with theater and got to play roles such as Piraguero in In the Heights, The Hawker/Ensemble in The Who’s Tommy, and Manuel in Dead Bolivians on a Raft. Erick loves being on stage whether it be for music or theater, but he also loves to share his passion with others through education. He currently teaches Piano, Guitar, Saxophone, Clarinet, and Voice at Maurock Music Academy. Erick plans to open a music store someday, where affordable lessons and performance opportunities are offered to the community. Erick would like to thank Roberto, Erik, and everyone else involved in making this show come to life, his castmates for their hard work and dedication, and of course his friends and family who always support him.

Photo of actor Morgan Agee

Morgan Agee

Morgan Agee (Lord, Good Angel) is a second year Television, Film and Media Studies major. She started her journey in the theatrical arts her freshman year of high school where she performed as Lila in Lord of the Flies at Van Nuys Performing Arts High School. She is currently working on a few short films and a web series. During her work on Los Faustinos, the cast has become her family and she looks forward to tackling the rest of her college career with them.

Photo of actor Carola Ehlbeck Lince

Carola Ehlbeck Lince

Carola Ehlbeck Lince (Good Angel #1) is a junior exchange student at Cal State LA. She’s originally from Puebla, Mexico where she’s majoring in Dance. This is Carola’s first production with Cal State LA and some of her previous involvements in theater include the roles of Zazu in The Lion King, Éponine in Les Miserables, in addition to working in several projects as a choreographer. She looks forward to developing her skills as an actor and choreographer further in her time at Cal State LA.

Photo of actor Kyle Fong

Kyle Fong

Kyle Fong (Bad Angel #4) is a senior at Cal State LA, majoring in Theatre and Arts, in the option of performance. He is a transfer student from Sacramento City College and Los Faustinos is his first production here at Cal State LA. Back in Sacramento, Kyle participated in productions of community college theatre as a crew member and cast member, but not as the same time. He dreams to be an actor here in LA and knows it's a tough business to be in, but he is determined to do it no matter what life throws at him. Kyle would like to thank his family and his professors for their support and advice for him to find his way to achieve his dream.

Photo of actor Thiri Moe

Thiri Moe

Thiri Moe (Minion, Bad Angel) is a sophomore at Cal State LA majoring in Theatre Arts. She began acting in her junior year of high school at an independent acting school but she now attends Identity Drama School of Acting (IDSA) in order to her studies at Cal State LA. She would like to thank her girlfriend Aislinn Barnes (Homunculus) for supporting her every step of the way and and showing her the ropes through her first musical.

Photo of actor Brooklyn Ruiz

Brooklyn Ruiz

Brooklyn Ruiz (Bad Angel) is a first year at Cal State LA, majoring in Theatre. Brooklyn was mostly recently seen as Emily in Invisible Women for the John Lion’s New Play Festival at Cal State LA. Her favorite roles on stage include Carla in In The Heights, Peaseblossom in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and the Witch in Shrek the Musical.  Brooklyn would like to thank her family and friends for always supporting her.


Photo of scenic designer Natalie Morales

Natalie Morales

Natalie Morales (Scenic Designer) Recently graduated from CSULB with an MFA, Natalie Morales explores theatre and design in her journey as a scenic designer. She is currently a professor of Digital Scenic Technology for the Theatre Department at CSUN, while simultaneously designing various productions in Southern California. Apart from this production, Natalie's recent productions include Into The Woods at CSUN, The Last Best Small Town at Pomona College, and Native Gardens at Chapman University. She will be returning as Scenic Designer for Independent Shakespeare Co.'s upcoming Summer Festival in Griffith Park, and for CSUN's TADW program designing Frozen Jr. See more of her work here: http://nataliealessandra.wixsite.com/scenicdesigner

Photo of costume designer Halei Parker

Halei Parker

Halei Parker (Costume Designer) is a multi-Ovation award nominated and LA based costume designer for theatre, dance, opera, film, commercials, and music videos.  Her designs have been seen on stages and screens across the United States and most recently – in the pre-pandemic world – at The Walt Disney Concert Hall, The Getty Villa, East West Players, Rogue Machine Theatre, the El Portal, and the Odyssey Theatre, as well as on various international stages in Europe, Asia, and Mexico. She also has the honor of being a recurring costume designer for The Troubadour Theatre Company where she brings joy to thousands of people every year with her designs for their literary and musical mash-ups with a rambunctious bunch of clowns. During the pandemic her dedication to uplifting spirits with the arts was recognized by the Princess Grace Foundation’s Gratitude and Tonic grant initiative for her mask making efforts and mural artwork for her community. Halei is a proud member of the Costume Designers Guild Local 892 and United Scenic Artists Local 829, holds an MFA in Costume Design from UC San Diego, and a BFA in Theatre Design from the University of North Texas. To see more of her work, please visit HaleiParker.com and follow her on Instagram @HaleiParkerDesign

Photo of sound designer E.M. Martinez

E. M. Gimenez

E. M. Gimenez (Sound Designer) is a Los Angeles based sound and video designer who works equally between dance, theatre, experimental performance and rock concerts. Previous designs at CalState LA include American Buffalo (with Deaf West), The Wall, and Bus Stop. Off campus designs include Invisible Cities, Crescent City (The Industry), Bernstein’s Mass (Indiana University Opera), The Johnny Trilogy (Speakeasy Society). He holds degrees from Indiana University School of Music and CalArts.

Photo of choreographer Corky Dominguez

Corky Dominguez

Corky Dominguez (Choreographer) has over thirty-five years of theatre experience as a producer, director, choreographer, performer, writer, and teaching artist. He has worked with several Los Angeles professional theaters and educational institutions. He is an advocate for youth-oriented theatre programs. Thrilled to be working with team Los Faustino!

Photo of music director & pianist Carlos Ordiano

Carlos Ordiano

Carlos Ordiano (Music Director, Piano) is a pianist and composer for the last 25 years. Born and raised in Southern California he has played in diverse music groups. From solo piano to big band. Currently touring with La Santa Cecilia he has branched out to writing for La Marisoul's debut album with a Latin big band sound called La Marisoul and the Love Notes. Carlos's arrangements can also be heard with independent artist, Estani Frizzell, whose album, “Droughts in the Ocean” relied heavily on Carlos. Ordiano is an alum from Santa Ana community college, and received his Bachelors in Jazz piano from Cal State Long Beach. Carlos thanks you for your support.  

Photo of stage manager Erik Olson

Erik Olson

Erik Olson (Stage Manager) is a junior Theatre Arts - Performance major with a minor in Dance at Cal State LA and is a recent transfer from Fresno State. Last semester Erik had the privilege of performing in Cal State LA's production of Old Blood and has been a part of several community theatre productions in their hometown. Erik enjoys nature and the company of a cat, although he doesn't have one here. He is excited to be stage managing his first college-level production and thanks everyone for their support!

Photo of asst stage manager Belinda Dornaus

Belinda Dornaus

Belinda Dornaus (Stage Manager) is a junior at Cal State LA earning her degree in Theatre Design and Production, specifically in Technical Directing and Stage Management. She is a transfer student from Rio Hondo Community College where she has earned an Outstanding Student Award in Technical Theatre. Her Stage Management Credits include: Morning Light brigade (Rio Hondo's directing and screen writing classes), Winters Birth, Our Country's Good, The Nut Cracker, Lone Star, One Acts (10min plays), and Machinal (Rio Hondo). Belinda hopes to continue to keep growing and continue to be inspired by her professors and peers.

Photo of bassist Mario Leal

Mario Leal

Mario Leal (Bass) is a dedicated musician for the last 25 years and is currently in his 15th year of teaching music. He is a versatile bassist who enjoys performing in many venues around the country and has performed and recorded with acts such as The Robert Incelli Latin Jazz Ensemble, Viento Callejero, La Mera Candelaria, and Ensamble Vientos del Sur. Mario is an alumn from Cal State LA where he earned his Bachelor's and  Masters in Music Composition. He is ecstatic to return to his alma mater as part of this production. He would like to thank Cal State LA for the opportunities that have been provided for him.

Photo of pianist Trung Pham

Trung Pham

Trung Pham (Pianist) is a musician who plays the piano and guitar. He has been a musician for 15 years and he was a student at Santa Ana College for his musical education. His style of music is neo soul, pop, ballad, and classical. He would like to thank Carlos and Roberto for giving him the opportunity to play the piano for this play.

Photo of guitarist Chris Buzea

Chris Buzea

Chris Buzea (Guitar) is a professional musician and career educator living in Los Angeles, California who possesses a unique cultural insight that informs his music and teaching style. As a first generation American, he takes pride in his heritage from both Mexico and Romania. His versatility as a composer, arranger and guitarist is reflected by his involvement with a variety of recording and performing projects including original music and covers ranging from Latin, Pop, Jazz, Fusion, Classical, Folk, and Rock/Metal. Recent highlights include Vikki Carr and the Candlelight tribute to Juan Gabriel.

Photo of guitar sub Bryan Arturo Juarez

Bryan Arturo Juarez

Bryan Arturo Juarez (Guitar Sub) is a self-taught musician born in Santa Ana, CA and raised in the small city of Tustin, CA. Beginning his musical journey as they so often say in the fall of 2011. Being self-taught in the early years of guitar Bryan took the initiative to study extensively at Santa Ana College from 2016 to 2020, first and foremost performing in solo classical guitar repertoire ranging from 18th century to 20 century styles. Bryan has also had experience playing in jazz settings and also rock, blues, and indie bands. Overall, Bryan is a well-rounded musician who can play a variety of genres who is well-versed in classical guitar style. He has also played in a production of Los Faustinos at Santa Ana College and been in a production of Hedwig and The Angry Inch at University of Irvine. Bryan would like to thank all the staff involved at Cal State LA for their time and hard work for the production of the wonder play Los Faustinos.


Photo of Light Board Op Daemaurion Hann

Daemaurion Hann

Daemaurion Hann (Lighting Board Operator) is a first-year student at Cal State LA who has appeared in two Theatre Department productions. He was recently seen as Alex in Soledad, written by Dr. Carolyn Dunn and directed by Sarah Dangelo, and as Finn in Does He Like Black Girls, written by Veronica Driscoll and directed by Melissa Coleman Reed. He volunteered to help with light operating for this show to expand his skillset and plans to get a better understanding of how theater lighting works for a career choice in the future.

Photo of Wardrobe Crew Elisa Ruffalo

Elisa Ruffalo

Elisa Ruffalo (Wardrobe Crew) is a senior at Cal State LA, majoring in Theatre Arts with an emphasis in Production and Design. Elisa has also worked on: Lucinda y las Flores de las Nochenuena (Cal State LA), Angels In America: Millennium Approaches (Cal State LA), Dances of Protest (Cal State LA), Bloodless (Cal State LA), and Old Blood (Cal State LA).