The John Lion New Plays Festival Staged Readings 2021

New Plays Festival

13 original plays by Cal State LA Undergraduate and graduate students will have full virtual readings.

Each play will have a live reading - beginning April 10th  - see table below - and can be accessed via Zoom at:

Each live performace will be recorded and available via YouTube beginning on May 5th.  For that link, please come back to this website soon!!!

If you have questions, please contact the festival coordinator Dr. Carolyn Dunn @ [email protected]

Playwright Title of Play Director Length LIVE PERFORMANCE Running Time
Marco Casteneda An Acquaintanceship Yasmeen Al-Kayed One-Act 10-Apr 6:30pm 45
Jordan Goldberg Sheildhom Sleuths Myles Smiley Full Length 13-Apr 6:30pm 70
Irma Gill Gulati Yasmeen Al-Kayed One-Act 18-Apr 7:00pm 40
Nicole Noa Welcome to Hell Anthony Dunbar Full Length 20-Apr 6:30pm 60
Cameron Kotecki Where it Grows Ben Hernandez One-Act 27-Apr 6:30pm 30
Ben Hernandez Goodnite Charlie Ben Hernandez Full Length 27-Apr 7:00pm 70
James Bullock Things That Happen Nextdoor Gerald Yelverton One-Act 28-Apr 6:30pm 30
Gerald Yelverton Her Break Up Yasmeen Al-Kayed One-Act 28-Apr 7:30pm 30
Pamela August Russell Invisible Women Pamela August Russell Full Length 30-Apr 6:30pm 58
Cigdem Voznick Catharsis Carolyn Dunn Full Length 1-May 6:30pm 75
Chris Robinson (Miles Smiley) A Nation Born in Justice Miles Smiley Full Length 2-May 6:30pm 90
Veronica Driscoll Does He Like Black Girls Damiona Barbosa Full Length 3-May 6:30pm 50
Richard Darrigo Risk Management James Bullock Full Length 4-May 6:30pm 60