Invisible Women

Yellow sign with play title "Invisible Women" and information about author, director, and dates

Presented by The John Lion New Plays Festival

WRITTEN BY: Pamela August Russell

DIRECTED BY: Yasmeen Al-Kayed

VENUE: Intimate Theatre at the Luckman Fine Arts Complex

PERFORMANCE DATES: October 14 @ 7:30pm, October 15 @ 7:30pm, October 16 @ 7:30pm, and October 17 @ 2:30pm


After years of stealing wallets from wealthy men, slip-and-fall lawsuits, credit card fraud and all-around grifting, two septuagenarians decide to up their game by volunteering at a local homeless shelter. Posing as kind old ladies with hearts of gold, they befriend a few down-on-their-luck homeless men and appear willing to do anything to help them get back on their feet. But things get a little less charitable and a lot more sinister when the men start turning up dead!


Headshot of playwright Pamela August Russell

Pamela August Russell is the author of B is for Bad Poetry out now from Sterling Publishing. The Los Angeles Times says, “It may not be Walt Whitman, but Miss Russell’s verses are certainly a whole lot funnier.” She has written for Paramount Pictures, Oxygen, and NBC. She received her BA in Fiction from Mills College in Oakland, California and is currently a second-year candidate for the MFA in TV, Film, and Theater at Cal State L.A. She lives in Pasadena near the freeway.