Does He Like Black Girls?

Navy sign with play title "Does He Like Black Girls?" and information about author, director, and dates

Presented by The John Lion New Plays Festival

WRITTEN BY: Veronica Driscoll

DIRECTED BY: Melissa Coleman-Reed

VENUE: Intimate theatre at the Luckman Fine Arts Complex

PERFORMANCE DATES: October 22 @ 7:30pm, October 23 @ 4pm and 7pm and October 24 @ 2:30pm


A play about the self-discovery of African-American women/girls, the question that lingers in the mind, and the journey of understanding your uniqueness that follows. Trina and O’Naize are two young black progressive women who find themselves learning what it means to grow into yourself while dealing with the hardships that come from the world of love and romance. As they become their own people, they find the equality between the growth of one’s self and that of the world’s.


Headshot of playwright Veronica Driscoll

Veronica Driscoll is a John W. North high school Alumni (2019). She is currently working on her BA in Theatre /Performance Option at Cal State LA and plans to continue pursuing theatre professionally for as long as she can. She is enriched by all forms of art and has decided to take on many creative arenas outside of acting such as: singing, dance, sewing, and playwriting. Her most recent play, titled Does He Like Black Girls? won the John Lion Plays Festival at Cal State LA, where it is being produced this Fall.

Find Veronica on Instagram at @veronica_driscoll and @Veronica.seams.right