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The Department office is typically open 9am-5pm, Mon - Fri. If you need to reach us right away, email is best. We will be constantly monitoring and responding to email at [email protected]

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Department Chair: Meredith Greenburg
Adminstrative Support Coordinator: 
Laura Dickinson-Turner
Room: TA 110
Phone: 323-343-4110
Email: [email protected]

Cal State LA
Department of Theatre and Dance
5151 State University Drive
Los Angeles, CA  90032


Full Time Faculty - Theatre

Roberto AlcarazRoberto Alcaraz Jr.
Assistant Professor of Theatre
Phone/Ext: 323-343-4121
[email protected]


Daniel CzypinskiDaniel Czypinski
Assistant Professor of Theatre
Phone/Ext: 323-343-4124
[email protected]
Link to Asst. Professor Czypinski's Website

Carolyn DunnCarolyn M. Dunn Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Theatre
[email protected]


Paul GrahamPaul Stuart Graham
Professor of Theatre
Phone/Ext: 323-343-4112
[email protected]
Link to Professor Graham website

Meredith GreenburgMeredith Greenburg
Professor of Theatre | Department Chair
Phone/Ext: 323-343-5124
[email protected]
Link to Professor Greenburg website


James Hatfield, Ph.D.
Professor of Theatre (FERP)
Phone/Ext: 323-343-4131
[email protected]

Tanya Kane-ParryTanya Kane-Parry
Professor of Theatre
Phone/Ext: 323-343-6684
[email protected]
Link to Professor Kane-Parry website

Stephen RothmanStephen Rothman
Professor of Theatre
Phone/Ext: 323-343-4130
[email protected]




Fall 2022 Adjunct Faculty




Lecturers - Theatre and Dance - Recent Semesters

Lily Bartenstein
Lecturer - Scenic Design, Projection Design

Vanessa Baden
Lecturer - MFA in TVFT Collaborative Camera

Collin Bressie
Lecturer - Acting I, Stage Combat

Joe Celli
Lecturer - Advanced Stage Technologies, Art Direction

Gabriela Cerda
Lecturer - Creative Dance in the Elementary Classroom

Rob Clare
Lecturer - Classical Acting

Diana Cummins
Lecturer - Creative Dance in the Elementary Classroom

Stacy Dawson Stearns
Lecturer - Viewpoints, Devised Theatre

Laura Dickinson-Turner
Lecturer - Creative Drama in the Elementary Classroom

Adam Flemming
Lecturer - Advanced Stage Technologies, Projection

Sophie Goldstein
Lecturer - Acting I, Acting II, Commedia del Arte

Barry Gordon
Lecturer - MFA Acting for Camera, Collaborative Camera, TV/Film Immersion

Dominique Fawn Hill
Lecturer - Intro to Costumes, Costume Design

Amen Igbinosun
Lecturer - Acting for Camera, African American Playwrights

Ka'ramuu Kush
Lecturer - MFA Acting and Directing for Camera

Karyn Lawrence
Lecturer - Lighting Design, Design Mentor

Adam Macias
Lecturer - Production Participation

Matthew Miller
Lecturer - MFA Movement

Boroka Nagy
Lecturer - Contemporary Dance Technique

Rosalva Ochoa
Lecturer - Creative Dane in the Elementary Classroom

Halei Parker
Lecturer - Intro to Costumes, Costume Design

Rosanna Tavarez
Lecturer - Ballet and Contemporary Dance Technique

Justin Wolske
Lecturer - Producing for TV/Film

Dr. Mary Ellen Wright
Lecturer - Creative Drama, Costume Design, Writing, Theatre History


Department Staff

Laura Dickinson-Turner
Administrative Support Coordinator
Phone/Ext: 323-343-4110
[email protected]

Tim Jones
Lighting Shop Supervisor / Equip Tech
Phone/Ext: 323-343-4126
[email protected]

Bruce Zwinge
Costume Shop Supervisor / Perf Arts Tech
Phone/Ext: 323-343-4125
[email protected]