Cal State L.A. Solar Eagle Showcase

Solar Eagle Showcase

The Solar Eagle Solar-Electric Racing Vehicle Project has been an integral part of the program at California State University, Los Angeles, from its genesis in 1990. A collaborative effort within the School of Engineering and Technology, the Solar Eagle has brought much acclaim to the programs offered at Cal State L.A. Students who have worked on the Solar Eagle project have found themselves in high demand within industry. Companies such as Hughes, Lockheed/Martin, Caltrans, Metropolitan Water District (MWD) and the Department of Water and Power (DWP) have benefitted from the experience by hiring students involved in the process. The practical application of engineering and cutting-edge technology give Cal State L.A. graduates "a leg up" on the competition.

A narrative history of the Solar Eagle Solar-electric racing vehicle project is available on this web site.

The first of the series, Solar Eagle I,was a phenomenal success. With an award for its aerodynamic design, the car placed first in California and fourth in the Nation during the GM Sunrayce. Finishing tenth overall during the World Solar Challenge, this car is a remarkable achievement.

The Solar Eagle II was Cal State's second attempt for the number one spot in the world.

Unfortunately, we will not have pictures of Solar Eagle III until after its release to the general public. Keep an eye out for these pictures as they become declassified.

If you would like more information on how solar-electric vehicles work, visit our Solar-Electric Vehicle Reference Page. This page is a collection of links on solar power, solar electric vehicles, Sunrayce, the World Solar Challenge and alternative energy sources.

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