College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology


Use the forms listed below to assist you as you progress through your program at CSULA

Form Reason for Form
Graduation Application Form Graduation
Bachelor's Degree Worksheet Graduation
Duplicate Diploma Request Graduation
General Academic Petition Academic Petitions
Repeated Course Petition / Academic Renewal Form Academic Petitions
Nontraditional Grading Academic Petitions
Transcript Request Transcripts
Leave of Absence Enrollment
Enrollment Verification Enrollment
Exception To 18 Unit Study Load Enrollment
Undergraduate Admission Admissions
Graduate Admission Admissions
International Admission Admissions
Application Filing Status Report Admissions
FAFSA - Financial Aid Admissions
CalStateTEACH Admissions
EOP - Education Opportunity Program Admissions
High School Supplemental Information Form Admissions
Self Reported Transfer GPA Form Admissions
Registration Instructions Admissions
Residency Forms Admissions
Supplemental Application for International Applicants Admissions
Financial Affidavit for International Applicants Admissions
GET Worksheet - enrolling by computer Registering for Classes
STAR Worksheet - enrolling by phone Registering for Classes
Fee Information (How much does it cost?) Registering for Classes
Application for a Special Major Majors