Solar Eagle

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Solar Eagle

Large, high quality videos hosted on campus with long download times.
Small, cut YouTube videos links also provided.

Solar Eagle I
Sunrayce 1990, July 9 - 19

Promo    YouTube
Rick Dees    YouTube
Invention    YouTube
World Solar Challenge 1990, November

GM Coverage    YouTube
Flight of the Solar Eagle YouTube

Solar Eagle II
Sunrayce 1993, June 20 - 26

Qualifying    YouTube
Scientific American Frontiers    YouTube
World Solar Challenge 1993, November

B Roll    YouTube
GM Coverage    YouTube

Solar Eagle III
Poster Text

Photo Album

June 19 - 28
Trustee Presentation    YouTube
Solar Eagle III won Sunrayce 1997, a national solar car race across the United States.
This site is dedicated to preserving the media for that 3 car, 10 year journey.