Upper Division

Upper Division

Manufacturing Required Courses (18 units)

All following courses must be completed

ENGR 301 Ethics and Professionalism in Engineering (1 units)
Prerequisite: Senior Standing in Engineering
Ethical and professional standards in engineering profession on society; professional registration and liability; government regulations and legal responsibilities

CE/ME 303 Fluid Mechanics ? (4 units)
Prerequisite: PHYS 212
Fundamental principles and methods of fluid mechanics; thermodynamics of fluid flow; Newtonian fluids; equations of fluid flow; laminar and turbulent flow; applications

ME 310 Mechanical Engineering Writing Lab (1 units)
Prerequisite: satisfactory completion of WPE or UNIV 401, and ENGR 150
Technical and laboratory report writing, oral and written communication, introduction to information technology. Technical report writing

CE/ME 312 Strength of Materials Laboratory (1 units)
Prerequisite: CE/ME 303(may be taken concurrently)
Tests of engineering materials in tension, compression, bending, and torsion; verification by experiment; basic theories learned in strength of materials

CE/ME 313 Fluid Mechanics Laboratory (1 units)
Prerequisites: CE/ME 303
Experiments on fluid properties, fluid statics, conservation of mass, energy, and momentum, and fluid resistance

CE/ME 320 Dynamics ? (4 units)
Prerequisite: CE/ME 201
Kinematics and kinetics of rigid bodies; work, kinetic energy, impulse, momentum in two and three dimension; applications to space mechanics

ME 323 Machine design I (4units)
Prerequisites ME 103, CE/ME 205, ENGR 207, MATH 208
Applications of principles of mechanics, properties of materials, and fabrication processes to design of simple machines and structural elements

ME 326A Thermodynamics I (4 units)
Prerequisite: MATH 208, PHYS 212
Concepts of equilibrium and temperature; first and second laws of thermodynamics. Properties of pure substance; ideal gases; application of thermodynamic principles to closed and open systems

ME 327 Manufacturing Processes (4 units)
Prerequisite: ENGR 207
Manufacturing properties of metals, alloys, and nonmetallic materials; solidification processes; material forming; material removal; joining processes; unconventional processing; numerical control; and automated processes

ME 428 Automation and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (4units)
Prerequisite: ME 327
Automation of manufacturing processes, numerical control. Computer-aided manufacturing, group technology, flexible manufacturing, applications of robots in industry

ME 430 Properties and Selection of Engineering Materials (4 units)
Prerequisites: ENGR 207, ME 327
Production, strengthening, alloying and thermal, treatment of metals. Types, properties of polymers, ceramics and composites. Semiconductor materials and devices. Material selection and protection against deterioration

ME 431 Material Laboratory (1 units)
Preparation of metallic samples and study of their internal structure by microscopic techniques. Mechanical testing of non-metallic materials: plastics, ceramics and composites