College ARTP Policies and Procedures

Evaluations of tenure-track and tenured counselor faculty shall focus on the quality and effectiveness of counseling performance, professional achievement, and other contributions to the University by the faculty member under review.

The evaluation of a counselor faculty member is based upon a comprehensive review of the individual's qualities, achievements, and promise during the year or years included in the review period.  Attention shall be given to forming a general "profile" or comprehensive estimate of the faculty member's performance and special professional interests and accomplishments.

There are two types of evaluations of counselor faculty members:

  • performance reviews - required for retention, tenure and promotion of counselor faculty
  • periodic evaluations - conducted when an evaluation is required, but in periods in which a faculty member is not under consideration for retention, tenure, or promotion

Faculty are responsible for being aware of additional University policies relevant to faculty evaluation which may be found in Chapter Six of the Faculty Handbook.

ARTP forms must be submitted to the Faculty Affairs office by April 15.

ARTP Documents