Hiring TAs, GAs, and ISAs

Some Important reminders regarding hiring of TAs, GAs, and ISAs

  1. To hire a TA, GA, or ISA, you must first have an approved position announcement posted. All current announcements are posted under your college/unit area. See below. The announcements must conform to the new templates. See below. Also, please remember that all announcements approvals are done via email attachments- do not forward hard copies, please. 
  2. Note that required hiring documentation includes a GET print-out verifying enrollment in a program of graduate study for the semester in which they wish to work. You must verify that they are enrolled that semester BEFORE hiring them or allowing them to do work.
  3. Each student must be provided with an appointment letter AND a Completion of Duties form. All forms can be found below. If you have hired TAs, GAs, or ISAs and did not provide them with this form, please do so as soon as possible.
  4. If a department, or college holds a TA/GA/ ISA orientation, please inform Faculty Affairs of the date, time and location so that the union may be notified. Union representatives are entitled to make a 20 minute presentation at all orientations. This applies each semester that an orientation is offered (orientations are not mandatory).
  5. Guidelines for hiring TA, GA, or ISA can be found below.