FAQs for Faculty re: Stateside Summer

Cal State LA is transitioning summer courses from Extended Education self-support (PaGE) to the state-side. This change is not a return to year-round operations and will be summer term as extra pay.  Following are FAQs to assist those offering summer courses to Faculty and Faculty teaching summer courses.

For more information, please visit Summer Session.

Benefits to Students and Campus

Yes. Stateside summer will have a lower cost of attendance. Students may be able to access grants and financial aid (e.g., State University Grants, Pell Grants, and private loans) towards their course load, which can provide cost savings and help keep them on track toward graduation or even get ahead.

Summer stateside FTES will be counted toward annual totals, unlike self-support summer.  Thus, the move from self-support to stateside summer better positions Cal State LA
for the recently announced new budget allocation model from the Chancellor’s Office, which will be based on FTES enrollment.


Compensation for Faculty

No. Faculty compensation will remain the same. The 1/30th rate (unit), followed by enrollment-based compensation, applies to both self-support and state-side. See HR/Salary 2016-08 and Articles 21.15 and 21.16.

Yes. The $150/unit applies to Unit 3 tenured and probationary faculty in both self-support and state-support summer. (It does not apply to lecturers under the CBA and
systemwide salary guidelines.) (See HR/Salary2016-08 and CFA CBA Article 21).



No. Work done in summer is for extra pay and does not reduce a faculty member's
obligations during the academic year.

No.  Note: this is not a change – it is the same whether summer is offered stateside or through PaGE. Classification 2457 Instructional Faculty, Summer Session – State Support and classification 2357 Instructional Faculty, Summer Session – Extension are both excluded from additional health benefits and CalPERS retirement coverage.

For additional information on benefits please contact the Office of Human Resources Management.



Please see the documentation posted by the Office of Faculty Affairs at Faculty Affairs FAQ.

• May Intersession only = 3 WTU
• Summer session only = 12 WTU
• May Intersession + Summer session = 13 WTU


No. Entitlements of one-year and three-year contract lecturers will remain the same. Summer will neither increase nor decrease their entitlements. Article 21 of the CBA make clear only the first 2 stateside semesters (i.e., fall and spring) create an entitlement. For one – and three-year contract lecturers, entitlements are generated by work in fall/spring and met by work offered in fall/spring. Summer is extra pay for extra work.


Possibly for a small number of faculty lecturers illustrated in Row C below – only if they do not receive an offer of work in fall but are employed consecutively in spring and summer.

    Fall Offer Spring Offer & Acceptance Stateside Summer Offer & Acceptance Entitlement Earned
A None offered None offered 3 units offered & taught No entitlement
B 3 units offered but declined 3 units offered & taught 3 units offered & taught No entitlement
C None offered 3 units offered & taught 3 units offered & taught 6-unit entitlement earned, if appointed in Fall.


No. Similar assignment means that entitlements earned in the AY remain in the AY.  Only in cases where AY time base entitlements are not fully met in the preceding AY, can summer work be used to meet that time base.

Summer Staffing (Angelo Order of Assignment)

Yes. This is a change from self-support summer. Article 21.24 must be followed. It dictates work must be offered in the following order:

a.    To probationary and tenured faculty. First offer enough work to probationary and tenured faculty to satisfy the 30% required at Cal State LA. (Teaching summer term for extra pay is voluntary.)
b.    To “qualified volunteers, administrators, TAs…” (Note we do not anticipate administrators teaching.)
c.    To “qualified lecturers with three-year appointment rights or one-year appointment rights if their time base entitlement pursuant to Article 12 was not fully satisfied during the immediately preceding academic year.” Offer work up to their academic year time base entitlement.
d.    To “qualified lecturers who taught in the immediately preceding academic year who are not included in provision 21.24(c),” above.
e.    To “any other candidates” (including new hires).


The percentage is for the campus, not individual departments, and will be tracked centrally. While departments need not offer work to all probationary and tenured faculty, they should offer enough work to contribute to the campus percentage.


The percentage is for the campus, not individual departments, and will be tracked centrally. While departments need not offer work to all probationary and tenured faculty, they should offer enough work to contribute to the campus percentage.


The University will not be conducting Student Course Evaluations through GET during the summer, but faculty may assess student course satisfaction through informal means as appropriate.


Remaining Self-Support Summer Classes

No. Programs that are state support during the academic year will be run stateside.
However, programs that are run via self-support (PaGE) during the academic year, including those with no stateside footprint, will continue to be run via Self-support. This includes self-support programs in Nursing, Social Work, Psychology, Management, Nutritional Sciences, Public Health, Business Administration, Communications, Music and Choral Conducting, and Clinical Lab Scientists.   

Additionally, May Intersession and Open University will continue to be offered via self-support.