Why Study Philosophy?

Studying philosophy is transformative

Philosophy begins with wonder. If you've ever found yourself in awe that any of this (existence) is in the first place, and if you seek to live your best life in light of that wonder, philosophy may be for you.

It's in the light of wonder that philosophers seek wisdom. The word philosophy itself comes from the Greek word philosophia, meaning love (philo) of wisdom (sophia). The wisdom here referred to is a type of technical skill - the skill of excellence in judgment-making from first principles. Practicing such judgment in life will lead to excellence in life. So, again, if it's excellence in life that you seek, philosophy may be for you.

Studying philosophy will prepare you well for advanced degrees, such as graduate programs and laws school

Philosophy majors tend to outperform others in GMAT, LSAT, and GRE scores. These are the admissions tests for graduate programs in business management, laws schools, and general graduate school programs, respectively.

Bottom line: studying philosophy pays

According to payscale.com, holders of bachelors degrees in philosophy earn a median salary of $105,500 by mid-career, the highest of any discipline in the humanities.

But what kind of jobs do philosophy majors acquire? The answer is: a wide range. While jobs teaching philosophy are growing scarce, philosophy majors are equipped with a skill set that employers seek. Critical thinking and complex problem-solving skills are often listed as the top skills employers look for in their employees. Logical analysis - the core of these skills - serves as a foundation for any form of philosophical inquiry, and so philosophy majors naturally develop the skills employers generally look for. A degree in philosophy will prepare you well for many careers, including careers in law, business management, writing, policy-making, and so on.



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