Metaphysics Papers

Metaphysics papers

"Why metaphysical debates are not merely verbal (or how to have a non-verbal metaphysical debate)" Synthese, vol. 197 (2020),  pp. 1181-1201.

"How to Be a Fictionalist About Material Constitution (And Just About Anything Else)," Fictionalism in Philosophy, B. Armour-Garb and F. Kroon (eds.), Oxford University Press, 2020.

"Why the debate about composition is factually empty (or why there’s no fact of the matter whether anything exists)" Synthese, vol. 195 (2018), pp. 3975-4008.

"A Solution to the Paradox of Analysis," (written with Terry Horgan), Analysis, vol. 76 (January 2016), pp. 3-7.

Anti-Metaphysicalism, Necessity, and Temporal Ontology,” Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, vol. 92 (January 2016), pp. 145-167.

"Conceptual Analysis and X-Phi," Synthese, vol. 193 (August 2016), pp. 2367-388

"Attitudes Without Propositions," Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, vol. 58 (December 1998), pp. 805-26.