L.A.'s Only Classical Student Guitar Competition Showcasing Local Talent

November 16, 2017
Concert Participants

The Andriassian family is proud to establish the Gohar and Ovanes Andriassian Classical Guitar Competition, the first and only Classical Guitar Competition in the heart of Los Angeles, with the vision that students will be motivated to participate and make this experience one of many that supports them in achieving their goals within the music industry.

Gohar and Ovanes Andriassian’s legacy does not lie in the lives of the “privileged”. Their life stories are of endurance and perseverance. Their journey from the outskirts of Isfahan to Tehran, Iran and on to the United States, has a familiar theme.

They, like many other immigrants, were in search of better lives and greater opportunities for themselves and their future families. They were true believers that excellence in life is attainable and it is within everyone’s reach through education.

Because their education options were scarce and they also understood the value in attaining knowledge they worked hard to make sure their children had better access to education and the freedom to dream big.

The Classical Guitar Competition is more than just a competition, it is a celebration and extension of honoring lives that would have championed an event like this for students, it is continuing their legacy of service, leadership and commitment to supporting programs that better serve our youth and community.

The Gohar and Ovanes Andriassian Classical Guitar Competition is built on those very ethics of accessibility and education and is proud to offer free submission and no cost for event attendance. It’s open to students enrolled in high schools, community colleges, universities, and music schools. Participants also have the chance to win cash and instrument prizes. The Guitar Competition prides itself in bringing together classical guitar performers in a supportive and encouraging environment not only to compete but to share ideas and build friendships. 

Brandon Wong
Alyssa Salas

This year’s winners at the junior level were Brandon Wong for first prize, Alyssa Salas taking second prize, and with an honorable mention for Lance Conrad Marut.

Brandon Wong
Eddie Martinez
Sebastien Quintero

Senior level winners were Eddie Martinez for first prize, Sebastien Quintero for second prize, and with an honorable mention for Daniel Monaghan.

Sunday’s Awards Ceremony program began with a group performance conducted by Professor Satik Andriassian and then celebrated the finalists by giving them the stage to provide the audience with a solo classical guitar performance. The weekend’s competition wrapped up with an exciting raffle for a brand new classical Yamaha Guitar and a lovely reception.

The Gohar and Ovanes Andriassian Classical Guitar Competition is the brainchild of Cal State LA professor Satik Andriassin and would not be possible without the great support of our partners, Cal State LA Friends of Music, CSU Entertainment Alliance, Yamaha Guitars, D’Addarío Strings, La Bella Strings, and Guitar Salon International.


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