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Former Students

Former Students

Who is considered a returning student?

  • The definition of an undergraduate returning student may be found on the Admissions and Recruitment page.
  • Please note that there are varying classifications of returning students, and the application process differs based on certain criteria. Please read carefully through the information listed on the Admissions and Recruitment page to determine your status.

Can I meet with an Arts & Letters advisor?

  • The College of Arts and Letters Advisement Center serves over 3000 undergraduate students. In order to meet the needs of our current student population, advisors are unable to meet with students without continuing status, unless such students are specifically required to meet with an advisor through the Admissions process.
  • Non-matriculated students are unable to schedule appointments through the Student Success Collaborative appointment site.

Requests to meet with an Arts & Letters advisor through the Admissions process

  • Returning students who are required to meet with an Arts and Letters advisor through the Admissions process may inquire about appointment availability by emailing [email protected] with the following information:
  1. Your campus identification number (CIN)
  2. Your last quarter / semester of attendance at Cal State LA.
  3. Your previous major (Please also indicate if you reapplied for the same major. If not, please list the major that you have applied for).
  4. A brief summary of your educational goals as it relates to returning to Cal State LA, any deadlines that you are required to meet through the Admissions process, and dates / times that you are available for an in-person meeting with an advisor.

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