Communication Studies


Selene Aguirre

by Selene Aguirre '15
Communication Studies
Organizational Communication and Public Relations Option


Western States Communication Association (WSCA) Annual Conference

          Dr. Daniel Robert DeChaine, Professor, Departments of Liberal Studies and Communication Studies, travelled to Spokane, WA on February 2015 to recruit passionate graduate students for Cal State L.A. Communication Studies MA Program at the Western States Communication Association (WSCA) annual convention. WSCA is a not-for-profit educational association that unites over one-thousand members from around the world that are willing to work hard to develop growth in the communication field. This year’s explored theme was, “Accentuate the Positive,” containing research papers, presentations, workshops, and recognize outstanding contributions to the communication discipline. Dr. DeChaine can capture the Communication Studies MA Program quality, with few words. His love for the communication field plants fruitful knowledge to his students and is one of the many valuable faces of this flourishing program.



Mabely Molina

Master of Arts in Communication Studies

California State University, Los Angeles


        The decisions that Mabely Molina has made over the course of her life always answered the question of, “will my decision bring me closer or further me from my goal?” Beyond the struggles and pitfalls, she had to choose her own path. By doing so, she has accomplished phenomenal things. She states, “We all need a little bit of insanity to do great things.” In 2013-2014 she held the position of Vice-President, Lambda Pi Eta Sigma Phi Chapter, the National Communication Honor Society.

        In spring 2014, she graduated with her B.A. in Communication Studies, Organizational Communication and Public Relations Option. Along with receiving an acceptance letter for the Master of Arts Program in Communication Studies at Cal State L.A. This program has become unconditionally rewarding to the growth and various possibilities she will obtain during and after receiving her M.A. in Communication Studies.

       Mabely’s conviction allows her to simultaneously manage the life of a graduate student and a Marketing/Promotions Internship with iHeartMedia, Inc. Her experience in the entertainment industry has granted her the opportunity to work for eight radio stations; five FM’s and three AM’s. She mainly works with KIIS and myFM, in the promotional department under the most popular projects. Some of these projects are KISS pays your bills, Jingle Ball, Valentine in the Morning show, iheartFiesta Latina, and more.

        Enthusiastically Mabely says, “My iHeartMedia, Inc.  internship has changed my whole outlook on the way I thought of radio and the entertainment industry. It has showed me a completely new side to Public Relations.” Mabely Molina’s actions are allocating her closer to her goals.



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Isabel Casillas

Communication Studies Undergraduate

Organizational Communication and Public Relations Option

Isabel Casillas

Isabel Casillas is the first in her family to chase a college career path. In Spring 2015 she will walk across the stage, and into her future prosperities. Until that day, she is preparing herself academically by understanding and researching deeper theories that can connect with social media; i.e. the Social Drama Theory. Her passion for understanding the Public Relations world, had her seek for internships that will open doors and give her the proper tools for success. She is now working in Sony Pictures, in an extended branch CINE Sony. CINE Sony is a spanish speaking channel that display well-known translated Hollywood films for their latino/hispanic audience. Her bilingual abilities to speak, write, read, and comprehend another language has her actively involved in all areas of social media and promotions. Her job description entitles her to help create compelling content, research film trivias, choose and write posts, brainstorm new and innovating ways to form possible promotional partners. As Isabel manages her academic and work life, she takes on the role of being part of the Marketing Subcommittee for Lambda Pi Eta Sigma Phi Chapter, the National Communication Honor Society. As President William Covino states, “I am deeply committed to providing opportunities for our students to achieve academic, personal, and professional success. I also want to help our students develop a high regard for the intellectual and cultural diversity that distinguishes Cal State L.A.” Isabel Casillas, is an example of that.




Mylen Yamamoto
Mylen Fe Yamamoto
Lecturer, Communication Studies Department
California State University, Los Angeles

Mylen Fe Yamamoto is a woman of determination and a proud alumna of Cal State L.A.  Her eight year residence at Cal State L.A. gave her the proper tools to knock on the doors of success. She graduated in Fall 2008, receiving her B.A. in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Interpersonal Communication.  Then in Fall 2011, she obtained her M.A. in Communication Studies; without knowing she would become one of the most influential lecturers in the Communication Studies Department.


While lecturing at Cal State L.A., Mylen set goals for herself and her students that most would say are far fetched.  For example, she proposed the idea of bringing the first ever Startup Weekend powered by Google to a CSU.  To date, Cal State L.A. has now hosted two Startup Weekends where one launches a startup in 54 hours.  (See Summer 2014 and  Fall 2014).   

Mylen is also the founder of a digital media creative agency, CliqueNow which began in a Starbucks in Aiea, Hawaii.  CliqueNow provides contemporary marketing strategies for various brands and agencies by creating partnerships with top digital influencers.  The company’s client list includes but not limited to McDonald’s USA, Comcast, Verizon, 99 Ranch Market, and top online celebrities.  

Company Reel - Clique Now, Mylen Yamamoto

What inspires Mylen’s philosophy and work ethic?  “ It comes from my background, where I’m from, Hawaii. That’s a spirit of Aloha- what that means is think about others before you think about yourself and genuinely look for the best in others. That’s how communities ‘Clique’.”

The Communication Studies Department would like to wish Mylen the  best in her new chapter and congratulates her on her well deserved position. Mylen will  be leaving Cal State L.A. at the end of the Winter Quarter 2015 because she received a full-time offer at Loyola Marymount University as the Assistant Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship where she will teach and manage the program. On behalf of all her students, peers, and supervisors she will be greatly missed. The Communication Studies Department community wishes her the best in her new chapter and congratulates her on her well deserved position.