Department of Technology


Technology continues to change the face of society, making the work of humans easier, more efficient, and quicker. Business, industry and government truly thrives on the latest technology, but even the most up-to-date technological processes are useless without qualified professionals to implement and interpret them. With five (four undergraduate and one graduate) programs to choose from, Cal State L.A.'s Department of Technology has a curriculum for any aspiring technologist. Students have the option of focusing their education on one of the following majors:

Whatever program of specialization you choose, Cal State L.A.'s Department of Technology will prepare you for the next step in your career development, whether it's immediate employment upon graduation, entrance into an advanced degree program or employment in the public or private sector.

Department Vision

To be recognized as offering the premier programs for professional growth in fields of technology, management, technology application, and technology education.

Department Mission

To provide our students with innovative, successful learning experiences with the goal of graduating well-educated professionals who will become knowledgeable leaders in technology-driven fields.