Master of Arts in Industrial and Technical Studies

The graduate program in Technology at California State University, Los Angeles, is designed for those who wish to obtain proficiency in their particular field of specialization and for those who want to broaden their perspective and acquire new scientific and practical knowledge. With a graduate degree you will excel in your professional career and be prepared to continue your education, if you decide, toward a doctoral degree

The graduate program is organized especially to accommodate the needs of engineers employed full time. The classes applicable toward the graduate degree are offered during evenings or late afternoon hours.The Department of Technology offers a Master of Arts degree in Industrial and Technical studies to further develop leadership skills for business, industry, and teaching, and to meet credential requirements.

This program is designed to increase the effectiveness of industry professionals and technology education teachers in their professional service area by allowing specialization in two of three areas of interest.

  • Teaching: emphasizes advanced subject matter content.
  • Technical: emphasizes advanced subject matter preparation.
  • Supervision: emphasizes supervision, mainly, department level.

Admission to the Program

In addition to University requirements for admission to graduate study, applicants must have a baccalaureate in related field combined course work and industrial experience acceptable to the department.

Requirements for the Degree (45 units)

A total of 45 units are required, with at least 23 in 500-level courses.

Required Courses (13 units)

TECH 485 History, Philosophy, and Organization of Industrial Education (3)
TECH 487 Seminar: Comprehensive Career Education for Industrial Studies and Vocational Education (3)
TECH 502 Modern Industry (3)
EDFN 500 Evaluation of Educational Research (4)

Areas of Interest (20-24 units)

Select two of the following areas and complete 10-12 units in each:

Teaching (10-12 units)

With adviser approval, complete TECH 506 (4 units), TECH 583 (4 units), and 2-4 units of technology or education courses to total 10-12 units.

Technical (10-12 units)

With adviser approval, complete 10-12 units in 400-level TECH courses: TECH 598 may be included for 3-6 units.

Supervision (10-12 units)

With advisor approval, complete TECH 486 (3 units), TECH 505 (4 units), and 3-5 units of technology, business, or education courses to total 10-12 units; may include second enrollment in TECH 486.

Additional Electives (select 3-7 units in technology and related fields with adviser approval)

Thesis or Project (5 units)
TECH 599AB These or Project (2,3)

Call (323) 343-4550 make an appointment to see Dr. Le Tang, Graduate Program Advisor

Instruction is offered year round on the quarter system. Each of the four quarters that comprise the academic year (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer ) is 11 weeks in duration.

The University is located at the eastern edge of Los Angeles and adjacent to the western part of the San Gabriel Valley. The convenient location allows easy access by freeway and major surface streets, as well as by bus and Metrolink, from all parts of the Greater Los Angeles Area.