Faculty Web Directory

Name Department Email
Abdullah, Melina Department of Pan-African Studies [email protected]
Abed, Mohammed Department of Philosophy [email protected]
Acevedo, Emily Department of Political Science [email protected]
Adachi, Joshua Extended Education [email protected]
Adamian, Martin Political Science [email protected]
Afary, Kamran Department of Communication Studies [email protected]
Aguilar-Moreno, Manuel Department of Art [email protected]
Akis, Vladimir Mathematics [email protected]
Alenkin, Nikola Department of Social Work [email protected]
Allen, Robert Department of Communication Studies [email protected]
Altschuler, Joanne School of Social Work [email protected]
Alvarez, Thomas Department of History [email protected]
Alvarez, Evelyn Public Health [email protected]
Alzate, Gaston ___________________________________________________ [email protected]
Amaya, Carlos Department of Mathematics [email protected]
Amenero, Jose EOP -Summer Bridge [email protected]
Amini, Navid Chair of Invention and Patent Evaluation Committee
Anagnoson, Ted Political Science [email protected]
Anderson, Jeff English [email protected]
Anderson, Frederick School of Social Work [email protected]
Angelo, Gretchen Department of Modern Languages & Literatre [email protected]
Aniol, Konrad Department of Physics and Astronomy [email protected]
Arslan, Nicole Department of English [email protected]
Arvedson, Paula Division of Curriculum & Instruction [email protected]
Aryal, Arun Information Systems [email protected]
Auwal, Mohammad Department of Communication Studies [email protected]
Avery, Zanj Engr Comp Sci & Tech--Dean [email protected]
Awad, M. Hassan Management [email protected]
Baaske, Kevin Department of Communication Studies [email protected]
Bachman, John Christopher College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology [email protected]
Bahrami, Bita Biological Sciences [email protected]
Bai, Chunsheng Department of Communication Studies [email protected]
Baker, Beth Department of Anthropology [email protected]
Balaguer, Mark Department of Philosophy [email protected]
Balan, Shilpa Information Systems [email protected]
Baler, Pablo Department of Modern Languages & Literatures [email protected]
Banerjee, Somak Marketing [email protected]
Barbour, Ann Curriculum and Instruction [email protected]
Belan, William Department of Music [email protected]
Bellman, Beryl Department of Communication Studies [email protected]