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Konrad Aniol

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Books by Konrad Aniol: Historical Fiction

East of the Rhine,  by K. Aniol
Thusnelda in Exile,  K. Aniol 





Office Hours Spring 2022

Tuesday  11:00-11:30AM

Thursday  11:00-11:30AM

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ASTR3601 TR 9:25-10:40AM SH 236
PHYS5440 TR 1:40-2:55PM BIOS 246
General and Modern Physics. 
Nuclear and Particle Physics
Quantum mechanics
Historical Development of Astronomy



Physics of Nuclei and Nucleons
 National Nuclear Data center
Particle Data Group 
Nuclear Physics at Calstatela


Title Date

Probing for High momentum protons in 4He via the 4He(e,e'p)X reactions

S. Iqbal et al. (Jefferson Lab Hall A Collaboration)
Phys. Rev. C 105, 064003 – Published 22 June 2022
Rosenbluth Separation of the neutral pion Electroproduction Cross Section
M. Defurne et al. (Jefferson Lab Hall A Collaboration)
Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 262001 (2016) - Published 23 December 2016
Measurement of parity-violating asymmetry in electron-deuteron inelastic scattering
D. Wang et al. (The PVDIS Collaboration)
Phys. Rev. C 91, 045506 (2015) - Published 16 April 2015
Probing the Repulsive Core of the Nucleon-Nucleon Interaction via the

4He(e, e'pN) Triple Coincidence Reaction

I. Korover et al. (Jefferson Lab Hall A Collaboration)
Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 022501 (2014) - Published 9 July 2014

Quasi elastic cross sections for the209Bi(e,ep)208Pb reaction: Jefferson Lab experiment E06007

J C Cornejo, J L Herraiz, A Camsonne, A Saha, J M Udias, G Urciuoli, J R Vignote, K A Aniol and the Jefferson Lab Hall A Collaboration

Rutherford Centennial Conference on Nuclear Physics    IOP Publishing
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 381 (2012) 012101    doi:10.1088/1742-6596/381/1/012101




Ph.D., Nuclear Physics, 1977
Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

M.S., Nuclear Physics, 1973 
McMaster University, Ontario, Canada

B.S., Physics, 1970
University of Illinois, Chicago Circle Campus



 Classes for this term

ASTR3601 Tu Th 9:25AM-10:40AM

Important Dates for ASTR3601

March 1          First paper due

March 17        Midterm exam

April 7             Second paper due

April 9            Shadow measurements made individually or by groups

April 9-11       Submit all shadow length measurements made for Class Archive

April 28.         Submit Draft Radius of the Earth report

May 5.            Draft of Term paper due

May 12          Last day of lecture, submit all remaining papers

Final exam. Thursday May 19, 7AM-9AM, SH236

PHYS5440 Lecture, Tu Th, 1:40PM-2:55PM
"Introduction to Standard Model of Particle Physics”, 2nd edition, W.N. Cottingham & D.A. Greenwood
syllabus  tentative calendar
Final Exam, Thursday, May 19, 12pm-2pm