Faculty Web Directory

Name Department Email
Chakmakchian, Katrine Department of English [email protected]
Chan, HokYan Department of Mathematics [email protected]
Chandler, Joel Department of Philosophy [email protected]
Chang, Ya-Chih Department of Special Education & Counseling [email protected]
Chatterjee, Choi Department of History [email protected]
Chen, Li-Hsueh Department of Economics and Statistics [email protected]
Chen, Lily Xiaolei Department of Technology [email protected]
Chiu, Wei Lun Asian and Asian American Studies Program [email protected]
Chiu, Hsin-Fu Department of Modern Languages & Literatures [email protected]
Cho, Mika Department of Art [email protected]
Choi, Wai Kit Department of Sociology [email protected]
Choi, Ying Natural & Social Sciences-Dean [email protected]
Choi, Ga-Young Social Work [email protected]
Clarke, Michael TV, Film and Media Studies [email protected]
Cohick, Nancy Department of Communication Disorders [email protected]
Colon Ramos (ucolonr), Uziel Music Department [email protected]
Conley, Harry Extended Education [email protected]
Conway de Prieto, Deborah Department of English [email protected]
Cooke-Jackson, Angela [email protected]
Cooper, John Accounting [email protected]
Corey, Judy Extended Education [email protected]
Cornwell, Andrew Department of Kinesiology & Nutritional Science [email protected]
Covarrubias, Alejandro [email protected]
Crocker, George School of Kinesiology and Nutritional Science [email protected]
Crossman, Elizabeth Arts & Letters--Dean [email protected]
Cruz Magana, Sonia UG- SSF - Mentoring/Tutoring [email protected]
Culbert, Gar Department of Political Science [email protected]
da Silva, Daniel [email protected]
Danelski, Christine Extended Education [email protected]
Daneshgaran, Fereydoun Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering [email protected]
Daniels, Brian Department of Modern Languages & Literatre [email protected]
Dark III, Taylor Department of Political Science [email protected]
Davis, Rebecca L. Department of Art [email protected]
Dean, Richard Department of Philosophy [email protected]
Del Angel, Marco [email protected]
Delevi, Rakel Department of Child & Family Studies [email protected]
Demeke, Eyob Department of Mathematics [email protected]
Dennis, Jessica Department of Psychology [email protected]
Dobson, Shanna Mathematics [email protected]
Dodds, Robin Special Education [email protected]