Faculty Web Directory

Name Department Email
Frank, Carolyn Department of Curriculum & Instruction [email protected]
Frankl, Daniel School of Kinesiology & Nutritional Science [email protected]
Fraser, Richard (Rick) Department of Sociology [email protected]
Frenda, Steven Psychology [email protected]
Fried, Charlene Department of Curriculum & Instruction [email protected]
Fried Amilivia, Gabriela Department of Sociology and Latin American Studies Program [email protected]
Friedman, Rachel Technology [email protected]
Friend, Colleen School of Social Work [email protected]
Fryling, Mitch [email protected]
Fuligni, Allison Department of Child & Family Studies [email protected]
Galaz, Bobbie NSS - SSF - Adv. & Retention [email protected]
Ganas, Perry Physics [email protected]
Ganesan, Nandakumar Department of Information Systems [email protected]
Gantioque, Raymund [email protected]
Garcia, Olga Department of Chicano Studies [email protected]
Garcia, Debra Department of Psychology [email protected]
Garcia, Margaret Department of Special Education & Counseling [email protected]
Garcia, Gilbert Natural & Social Sciences-Dean and Department of Sociology [email protected]
Garnet, Dustin Art [email protected]
Garrison, Jennifer Geography, Geology and the Environment [email protected]
Garry, Ann Professor Emerita of Philosophy [email protected]
Gaspar, Joanna Student Health Center [email protected]
Gean, Edmund Department of Computer Science [email protected]
Gebhardt, Aaron Extended Education [email protected]
Germano, Michael University Library and Department of Marketing, College of Business and Economics [email protected]
Giarrusso, Roseann Department of Sociology [email protected]
Gibbs, Brian Curriculum and Instruction [email protected]
Glover, Ronnese Department of English [email protected]
Gonzalez, Stephen Department of Kinesiology & Nutritional Science [email protected]
Goode-Castro, Helen Department of Music [email protected]
Goodrich, James D. Department of Child & Family Studies [email protected]
Graef, Sara Department of Music [email protected]
Gravis, Christopher [email protected]
Greenberg, Linda Margarita Department of English [email protected]
Greenburg, Meredith Department of Theatre and Dance [email protected]
Gregorich, David [email protected]
Grodsky, Renee Department of English [email protected]
Guo, Prof. Jiang Department of Computer Science [email protected]
Guo, Huiping Department of Computer Science [email protected]
Gupta, Ankit Department of Engineering and Technology [email protected]