Prof. Jiang Guo

Prof. Jiang Guo, Dr. Jiang Guo
College of Engeering, Computer Science, and Technology
Department of Computer Science
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Dr. Jiang Guo

Professor of Computer Science

Dr. Guo is a Full Professor of Computer Science. The past several years he has been working as the principal/co-principal investigator on several research projects funded by NASA and Navy. He also supervised many industry-sponsored senior design projects, such as NAVSEA and Lockheed Martin.



RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES (Fall 2015 - Fall 2020)

Dr. Guo is a Co-Investigator of NASA Data Intensive Research and Education Center at Cal State LA. Many of his graduate students joined JPL or other NASA centers.




  • Data Science

  • Cloud Computing

  • Software Engineering

  • Internet of Things

  • Web-based Systems

  • Wireless Sensors and Network




Title Date
CS4440, Introduction to Operating Systems TBA
CS5440, Advanced Operating Systems  TBA
CS3337, Software Engineering 2020 Fall
CS5390, Advanced Software Architecture

2020 Fall

CS5337, Advanced Software Engineering TBA




Prof. Jiang Guo

Department of Computer Science

California State University Los Angeles

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