Faculty Web Directory

Name Department Email
Howell, Pamella Information Systems [email protected]
Hsia, Lih-Min Department of Mechanical Engineering [email protected]
Hsu, Kylie Department of Modern Languages and Literatures [email protected]
Hu, Rui Department of Accounting [email protected]
Hu, Travis Department of Mechanical Engineering [email protected]
Hu, Senqi Department of Psychology [email protected]
Huang, Chien Department of Kinesiology & Nutritional Science [email protected]
Huang, Yumi Natural & Social Sciences-Dean [email protected]
Huarng, Shyuh Department of Information Systems [email protected]
Hung, Sheng Department of Mathematics [email protected]
Hunt, Barrington Departments of Management and Accounting [email protected]
Hunter, Casey Department of Special Education & Counseling [email protected]
Hurley, John Department of Computer Science [email protected]
Hwang, Jiwon Special Education and Counseling [email protected]
Ibrahim, Michael Department of Civil Engineering [email protected]
Ivory, Peter Department of Communication Disorders [email protected]
Jackson, Matthew [email protected]
Jackson, Tye Department of Marketing [email protected]
Jambazian, Pera Department of Kinesiology & Nutritional Science [email protected]
Jamehbozorg, Arash Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering [email protected]
James, Marianne Department of Accounting [email protected]
Javeri, Manisha Division of Applied and Advanced Studies in Education: Instructional Technology [email protected]
Jayachandran, Sanjay Department of Biological Sciences [email protected]
Jefferson, Margaret Natural & Social Sciences-Dean [email protected]
Jessri, Mahshid Department of Management [email protected]
Jishi, Radi Department of Physics and Astronomy [email protected]
Johnson, Chelsea Department of English [email protected]
Johnston, Margaret Department of Nursing [email protected]
Jones, Albert Division of Applied and Advanced Studies in Education [email protected]
Joseph, Rebecca Department of Curriculum & Instruction [email protected]
Joubert III , Ezekiel Applied and Advanced Studies in Education [email protected]
Kaligi, Sean Department of Mechanical Engineering [email protected]
Kamhi-Stein, Lia Division of Educational Foundation & Interdiv Studies [email protected]
Kane-Parry, Tanya Department of Theatre and Dance [email protected]
Kang, Eun-Young Elaine Department of Computer Science [email protected]
Kao, Richard Department of Marketing [email protected]
Karafilis, Maria Department of English [email protected]
Karmiryan, Ruzanna Department of Sociology [email protected]
Kasimoff, Ivan University Writing Center-ULS [email protected]
Kaur, Manveen Computer Science [email protected]