Elaine Kang

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College of Engeering, Computer Science, and Technology
Department of Computer Science
Office Location ETA322


Eun-Young Elaine Kang, Ph.D., is a professor in the Department of Computer Science of the College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology at Cal State LA and currently serves as Chair of the Computer Science Department. Her research interests are in Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Augmented/Mixed Reality, and Game Programming. She has served as principal undergraduate advisor for the Computer Science department for several years. Also, she has served as PI/Co-PI on multiple educational projects sponsored by NSF programs including NSF S-STEM, NSF GK-12, and NSF TUES.


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  • CS1010 Introduction to Computer Science
  • CS4550 Computer Graphics
  • CS4551 Multimedia Software Systems
  • CS4555 3D Game Programming
  • CS201/202 Java Programming
  • CS332/332F/332L Programming Language Paradigm (Prolog and Haskell)
  • CS454/594 Multiplayer Online Game Programming
  • CS460 Artificial Intelligence
  • CS461 Machine Learning
  • CS491A Software Design Lab
  • CS560 Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence - Computer Vision


  • Areas of Interest: Computer Vision, Image/Video processing, Image/Video Compression, Computer Graphics and Image-based Modeling & Rendering, Computer Game Programming
  • Education